What is Dianhua?

What is Dianhua?

The Chinese word dianhua – 电话 – diànhuà (telephone in Chinese)

How do you say phone in Cantonese?

In Cantonese, we would say 你個電話號碼係咩? Over here, 電話 refers to “telephone”, which if you are interested to know, literally translates into English as “electric words”!

What did Nemo call his small fin?


Does Nemo have a lucky fin?

Nemo’s right fin is his “lucky” fun, which means that it’s a little smaller than the typically sized fin on his left.

Where is Nemo and Dory?

According to this article, as well as other search results, Dory lives with Nemo and Marlin in the GBR, but recalls that she comes from the Marine Life Institute at Jewel of Morro Bay, California, which is ‘across the ocean’, on the West coast of America.

Can Dory actually speak whale?

Dory speaks whale in “Finding Nemo.” In one of the most famous scenes from the movie, Dory says she is able to speak whale, oscillating her tones to mimic a whale’s sonar.

What type of fish is dory?

royal blue tang

Did a barracuda eat Nemo’s mom?

In the film Finding Nemo, a young clownfish’s mother is eaten by a barracuda but his father, Marlin survives. Nemo, the only surviving baby, is then lost.

What animals eat clownfish?

Even though anemone provides protection against predators, clownfish is often preyed by large fish, eels and sharks.

Will clownfish kill each other?

the dominant will run the tank, picking one to be her mate, and they together will fight and pester to death, all others. without at least 3′ of sepearation between territories, keeping more than 1 pair of clowns will end with deaths. One pair will remain.

Do clownfish eat their babies?

The parents take no part in the rearing of the young. They will protect their eggs but once the eggs hatch, the babies are on their own. The fry can get eaten by other fish, swept away or even eaten by their own parents!

How do you tell if clownfish are fighting?

A clownfish kept by its self will become a female in a short period of time if it is physically mature, in as little as a month. 2) Two female clowns will fight. The tell tale sign that you have two females is fighting ending in the two locking their mouths together.

Will clownfish stop fighting?

Active Member. Sounds like you have two female Clownfish. If so then there is no cure. They will fight until you only have one Clownfish.