What is energetically mean?

What is energetically mean?

1. Possessing, exerting, or displaying energy. See Synonyms at active. 2. [Greek energētikos, from energein, to be active, from energos, active; see energy.]

What is another word for energetically?

What is another word for energetically?

vigorously hard
forcefully powerfully
strenuously strongly
forcibly mightily
dynamically explosively

What’s a big word for energetic?

Some common synonyms of energetic are lusty, nervous, strenuous, and vigorous. While all these words mean “having or showing great vitality and force,” energetic suggests a capacity for intense activity.

Is being spunky a good thing?

Spunky people tend to be impulsive because they often act without thinking things through. So, if you’re thought of as spunky, be proud that others see you as someone who is determined, courageous, and outspoken. You might cause a scene, but in the big picture, it’s a good thing.

What’s another word for spunk?

Spunk Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for spunk?

pluck backbone
fortitude grit
guts bravery
courage gameness
mettle bottle

What does spunk mean in the UK?

British a slang word for semen. touchwood or tinder, esp originally made from various spongy types of fungus. Australian and NZ informal a person, esp male, who is sexually attractive.

What is the opposite of spunk?

▲ Opposite of courage and determination. spinelessness. cowardice. irresolution.

What means astonishing?

: causing a feeling of great surprise or wonder : surprising an astonishing discovery.

Is breathtaking positive or negative?

Definitely positive! The one learning a language!

What is the most breathtaking view you have ever seen?

5 of the Most Breathtaking Views You’ll Ever See

  1. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia.
  2. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska.
  3. The Cherry Blossom Street in Bonn, Germany.
  4. Canyonlands National Park, Utah.
  5. Ashness Bridge, United Kingdom.