What is G13 base type?

What is G13 base type?

Fluorescent G13 tube base types are a two pin fitting located at each of the tube with 13mm between the two pins. The T8 (26mm diameter) and T12 (38mm diameter) uses the G13 cap fitting. G13 tube fittings are commonly used in kitchens, garages, and office buildings.

Are T8 and G13 the same?

A T8 tube is also called a TL-D tube from Philips and a Lumilux tube from Osram. You can recognize a T8 tube from it’s 28mm diameter. The socket is called G13 this because the 2 pins are 13mm apart from each other. . A T8 tube can work on an electronical ballast using a fixture without a starter.

Is G13 the same as T12?

T12 38mm (G13) Fluorescent Tubes The largest size T12 (38mm) is no longer being manufactured, however, they did use the same G13 cap as the T8 fluorescent tube which means that you can replace the T12 tubes with the more efficient T8 of the same length.

What are standard fluorescent bulb sizes?

While there are multiple types of LED and fluorescent tube lights, the three most common are T12, T8 and T5. The terminology comes from “T” for “tubular” and the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch, so “T8” represents a tube of 8/8ths of an inch, or 1 inch.

What size is E26 base?

26 mm
Medium or Standard: E26 (diameter of 26 mm)

How big is an E12 base?

12 mm

Designation Base major diameter (thread external) Applications
E12 12 mm (0.472 in) 120 V candelabra/night lamp
E14 14 mm (0.551 in) 230 V candelabra/chandelier, night lamps, and some pendant lights.
E16 16 mm (0.630 in)
E17 17 mm (0.669 in) 120 V appliance / Outdoor Christmas

What is light bulb base code G5 vs G13?

T5 lamps have a G5 base (bi-pin with 5 mm spacing), while T8 and T12 lamps use a G13 base (bi-pin with 13 mm spacing). Because of a . 625-inch bulb diameter, and a mini bi-pin base, the T5 lamp can be used in lower profile areas.

Which fluorescent tubes are brightest?

Fluorescent T5s These are the newest development in the fluorescent family. Although they are the smallest, they are the most energy efficient and brightest. In fact, some T5s last up to 90,000 hours.

What kind of light bulb has a G13 base?

F20T12/DL 20 WATT T12 DAYLIGHT FLUORESCENT G13 BASE – 20 Watt T12 Preheat Daylight (6500K) Fluorescent Bulb G13 Medium Bi-Pin Base, 9000 Hour. Eiko F15T8/BLB Fluorescent Tube, Blacklight Blue – 15 Watt Black Light Blue Fluorescent Bulb Medium Bi-Pin Base, 7,500 Hour.

What kind of base does a T12 fluorescent lamp use?

Connect to a Mobul Bi-Pin G20 base. Our sketch illustrates that on both older T12 fluorescents and T8 fluorescent lamps the bulb’s connecting pin dimensions and spacing are identical even though the T8 is a signifcantly-smaller-diameter bulb.

How big are the bulbs in a fluorescent lamp?

Identify Fluorescent Lamp Types / Bulb Codes 1 Bulb Type 2 Bulb length: 3 Bulb shape 4 Bulb diameter: 1/8″ (3.175mm) – 5/8″ (15.875mm) – 1″ (25mm) – 1.5″ (38mm) 5 Bulb pin specifications: spacing and size 6 Bulb wattage: 4 W up to 125 W. Most residential bulbs are in the 4W to 60W range; note that bulb length and wattage generally change together

What are the different types of light bulb bases?

Light Bulb Base Chart 1 Screw Bases 2 Fluorescent Pin Bases 3 Twist & Lock Bases 4 Bi Pin Bases 5 Bayonet Bases 6 Wedge Bases 7 Compact Fluorescent Plug In Bases 8 Miniature & Automotive Bases 9 Specialty Bases 10 Cable Bases 11 Miscellaneous Bases