What is ironic about the end of a devoted son?

What is ironic about the end of a devoted son?

In the short story “A Devoted Son” by Anita Desai , the title is almost ironic in light of the story’s end. To be devoted to one’s parents is to hold them in the highest esteem and be the son who cares and takes care of his parents.

In what ways was Rakesh a devoted son?

Rakesh is simply using his own knowledge, gained at the wishes of his parents, to help his father’s own health. He is a devoted son because the question remains as to what else he needs to do to make them happy.

Was Rakesh cruel to his father justify your answer?

Expert Answers Hover for more information. It can be argued that Rakesh is a devoted son throughout, but his extreme devotion later results in unintended, negative consequences for his aging father. We are told that Rakesh has always shown a high degree of filial loyalty to his father, Varma.

Was Rakesh a devoted son or dedicated doctor to his father?

Rakesh is a clever young man who does well on his exams and grows up to be a rich and successful doctor. From his point of view, he remains a devoted son who does everything he can to take care of his father.

What is the theme of a devoted son?

Themes. – A Devoted Son is the reversal of caregiving roles between father and son. Rakesh who was once dependent on his father, Varma, is now his primary care taker and provider. The reversal of roles causes their relationship to divide.

What does the story a devoted son deal with?

Following his wife’s death, Varma begins to develop symptoms of depression. Although Rakesh continues to devote his time and efforts to his father’s well-being, the latter refuses help. Varma, although pleased by his son’s devotion, eventually becomes irritated by Rakesh’s presumption.

How did Mr Varma bribe his grandson into buying him sweets?

Varmaji was fond of sweets like halva but Rakesh had imposed strict ban on serving sweets. Driven by his love for sweets, Varmaji bribed his grandchildren into buying him sweets. Although Rakesh’s children were unwilling to accept the bribe money, they had to obey their grandfather.

Why were the Neighbours envious of Rakesh parents?

Neighbors came to congratulate the winner, his father Varmaji and his mother. Some of the good neighbors appreciated this son and this father while others, envious as neighbors are, felt that Varmaji was giving himself airs. Soon Rakesh cleared his MD course with flying colors.

What was the first thing Rakesh do when he stood first in the country?

Hover for more information. The first thing Rakesh does when he sees his excellent exam results is to bow down before his father and touch the old man’s feet reverentially. By all appearances, Rakesh is a filial son.

What was Rakesh morning duty towards his father?

As Varmaji is bedridden Rakesh continues his adoration towards his father by bringing him morning tea and reading him newspaper. He begins to lay suddenly lay stiff as his family grow scared of his health decline and possible death, but soon stretches out.

Who wrote a devoted son?

Anita Desai

What does Rakesh do that Varma finds not so gratifying?

What action that Rakesh takes while Varma is sick does Varma find “not so gratifying”? Rakesh monitors Varma’s diet. What happens to Varma as he becomes older? He often becomes sick with strange ailments.

What good news did Rakesh receive that morning?

Question 4(a) asked what good news Rakesh received that morning, the answer being that he had received his examination results and he was top of the list, or first in the country.

What was the only pleasure left for the old man?

There was only one pleasure left in the old man now (his son’s early morning visits and readings from the newspaper could no longer be called that) and those were visits from elderly neighbors.

What is the first thing Rakesh does when he sees his excellent test scores?

The first thing Rakesh does when he sees his excellent exam results is to bow down before his father and touch the old man’s feet reverentially. By all appearances, Rakesh is a filial son.

Why did Rakesh get angry with his father?

When Rakesh discovered the trickery and the deception, he was enraged, as any parent might be. He not only upbraided his father in the harshest terms–something he had never done before–he deepened the restrictions on and increased the supervision of his diet.

Why was the cherry tree so special?

The cherry tree myth is the most well-known and longest enduring legend about George Washington. In the original story, when Washington was six years old he received a hatchet as a gift and damaged his father’s cherry tree. When his father discovered what he had done, he became angry and confronted him.

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Who benefited from the cherry tree?

4. Who benefitted from the cherry tree besides Rakesh and Grandfather? How? Ans – Besides Rakesh and Grandfather, the birds benefitted from the cherry tree.

What does the cherry tree symbolize?

Every Cherry tree has a story… Throughout Japan, the Cherry, or ‘Sakura’ tree is representative of good fortune, new beginnings and revival. It’s because of this that the Cherry not only represents beauty and innocent pleasures, it also teaches us to appreciate the brief time we share together with our loved ones.

In the short story “A Devoted Son” by Anita Desai , the title is almost ironic in light of the story’s end. Rakesh rises to great heights in the story, returning to India from the United States to marry a village girl according to his parents’ wishes and becomes the director then owner of his own clinic.

This is a tale of complicated familial bonds. The story highlights the change of dynamics when it comes to the relationship between a father and son. Rakesh is the son of a kerosene vendor, Varma.

What is the meaning of devoted son?

having great love for someone or something and being loyal to them They are devoted to their children. a devoted son/friend/fan.

Why does Varma change his opinion about his son?

We also get the sense that Varma is most proud of Rakesh’s filial loyalty. So, at the beginning of the story, we can see that Varma is proud of his son for his accomplishments and for his filial devotion to his parents.

What type of word is devoted?

adjective. zealous or ardent in attachment, loyalty, or affection: a devoted friend.

What strange fact about fame does the narrator say happens to Rakesh?

What “strange fact” about fame does the narrator say happens to Rakesh? His medical skill is always present so it becomes less noticed.

What does devoted love mean?

The definition of devoted is someone who is very loyal and steadfast in giving love or attention. A lover who is always by your side and who adores you always is an example of a devoted lover.

What does Devoed mean?

New Word Suggestion. Australian informal meaning upset. Also devo’d, devoed. From ‘devastated’.

What is a fickle lover?

The term “fickle” means that a person is constantly changing and flipping around all over the place about their beliefs and what their behaviour. They love a person one day and want to cuddle up to them and can’t stand them the next day lose it in anger and tell them to never talk to them again.

What does Fickle Pickle mean?

adj changeable in purpose, affections, etc.; capricious. (Old English ficol deceitful; related to fician to wheedle, befician to deceive)

What’s the opposite of quarantine?

What is the opposite of quarantine?

integrate combine
desegregate free
join let go
release unite
end segregation give equal opportunity

What is capricious?

: governed or characterized by caprice : impulsive, unpredictable.

What is a capricious person like?

Capricious is an adjective to describe a person or thing that’s impulsive and unpredictable, like a bride who suddenly leaves her groom standing at the wedding altar. A scared person makes sudden starts this way and that, just as a capricious person does.

Is being capricious a bad thing?

To be called unpredictable and impulsive is not such a bad thing, it just means you have more fun in life if you decide to jump out of a plane or scale a mountain. Capricious means unpredictable or impulsive.

What’s a word for constantly changing?

What is another word for constantly changing?

ever-changing continuously changing
ever-shifting changeable
erratic fluctuating
capricious mercurial
quicksilver unstable