What is Jennifer in Hawaiian?

What is Jennifer in Hawaiian?

The name Jennifer in Hawaiian is Kinipela.

What is Nancy in Hawaiian?

Scroll down to your name in the list below and find its Hawaiian Name equivalent next to it: [N] Nadine – Nakine. Nan – Nana. Nancy – Naneki.

Is Poco in English word?

poco in American English (ˈpoʊkoʊ ) adverb. [also in italics]; Musical Direction. somewhat. Word origin.

What’s the difference between Poco and poquito?

When you say un poco you’re saying “a bit” / “a little”. When you say un poquito you’re saying a little less than that; “a little bit”.

What is a Abuelita mean?

noun. granny [noun] a grandmother.

Does Poco mean small?

‘Poco’ is used to talk about amounts. It works either as an adverb or an adjective of quantity and means ‘little’, ‘few’ or ‘a little bit of’. ‘Pequeño’ is always an adjective and it describes the size or the age of a person or an object. It means ‘little’, ‘small’, ‘short’, ‘tiny’ or ‘young’.

What does divertido mean in Spain?

di·ver·ti·do past part.

Does Serio mean serious?

sii serio! be serious!

What does Tonto mean in Spanish slang?

In Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, “tonto” translates as “a dumb person”, “moron”, or “fool”. …

Is Tonto rude?

“tonto” is safer to use when not a Spanish speaker, “silly”, lest you insult someone, since “estupido” is stronger, and really used as an insult more than anything. “Tonto” is a “Fool”, someone silly or goofy. Similar but softer than “dumb” when used in that sense. Estúpido is exactly “Stupid”.

Is the word Bobo offensive?

Definitions include: general derogatory term for a female.

Is tonta a bad word?

“Tonta ” mean “stupid”?is it a bad word? should i be angry? No, it also means “silly.” Depende de como se diga… Interact with native speakers around the world.

What does doing Bobo mean?

often disparaging. : a member of a social class of well-to-do professionals who espouse bohemian values and lead bourgeois lives.

What does Bobo mean in Cuban?

Word forms: bobo, boba. adjective. (= tonto) silly ⧫ stupid.