What is Lennie eagerly talking about on page 40?

What is Lennie eagerly talking about on page 40?

Lennie eagerly tells her “about the rabbits” and she dismisses their plan as a pipe-dream. As he talks, though, she notices the bruises on his face and deduces his role in Curley’s injury.

What is Lennie eagerly talking about at the end of the chapter?

What is Lennie eagerly talking about toward the end of the chapter? Lennie overheard Carlson saying that he was giving away some of Candy’s puppies. With self satisfaction.

What are Lennie’s last words?

“No, Lennie. I ain’t mad. I never been mad, an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing I want ya to know.”

What is Lennie scared of?

Lennie had killed his puppy. What has Lennie done as the section opens? Lennie’s fear is that if George sees that, he killed the puppy, then he won’t let him tend the rabbits. Curley’s wife probably feels as if just like the puppy, the men on the ranch, and possibly herself, are disposable.

Why did Lennie kill the puppy?

In Chapter 5, Lennie accidently kills his puppy by being too rough with it. He is upset at the puppy for dying. He does not take responsibility for being too rough with the puppy and begins to worry about George’s reaction. He fears that George will not allow him to tend rabbits and contemplates hiding the dead puppy.

What does Lennie say when he kills Curley’s wife?

“I done a real bad thing,” he said. “I shouldn’t of did that. George’ll be mad. An’ . . . . he said . . . . an’ hide in the brush till he come.

Who stole Carlson’s gun?


What does George say in his lie?

George lies and tells the boss that Lennie is his cousin, and that they left the job in Weed because it was done. George tells the boss that Lennie is not smart, but does not tell him he’s mentally challenged. When the men arrive at the ranch, they are already in trouble because they were late.

What gun did George kill Lennie with?

Carlson’s Luger

Who finds Curley’s wife’s body?

Lennie observes that he has “done a bad thing” (100) and covers her body with hay. He then disappears from the barn with the dead puppy in hand. Candy comes looking for Lennie in the barn and discovers the body of Curley’s wife.Il y a 5 jours

What does George say before he kills Lennie?

For example, in Of Mice and Men George tells Lennie, “No, Lennie. I ain’t mad, an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing I want ya to know” (Steinbeck 106). This quote shows that George is killing Lennie for Lennie’s own good.

What does Curley’s wife give as the reason for her having married Curley?

Because her mother restricted her from pursuing her dream, she decided to escape from her any way she could. That is the reason she gives for why she married Curley. So I married Curley. Met him out to the Riverside Dance Palace that same night.”