What is llama slang for?

What is llama slang for?

noun. a person who is stupid or doing something stupid at the time. Also used in place of the word lamer. I can’t believe he’s such a llama.

What is the meaning of the name Lama?

Lama (Arabic: لمى ,لما, lamá) is a common Arabic female given first name that has its roots in Arabic poetry. One definition is “lips that are dark like the color of a sunset”, has been used in old Arabic poetry to refer to the lips of the beloved.

What does GAZY mean in slang?

gazy (comparative more gazy, superlative most gazy) Affording a wide prospect. Given to gazing.

What does stinka mean in slang?

stinkanoun. Someone who is ugly or repulsive.

What does doley mean in slang?

A person who receives unemployment benefit.

What does stinka mean in a relationship?

stinka (Noun) Someone who is ugly or repulsive.

What does it mean when a guy calls you stink?

Stink is defined as to give off a bad smell, or is slang meaning to be low quality. A strong offensive odor; a stench.

What does stank mean in a relationship?

It means he doesn’t want a relationship so nothing too serious. Spend a lot of time together. Stank is a verb.

What is a stank stank?

informal : a strong offensive odor : stink, stench Now, think about your yoga mat. … For a dog, it is a smelly, hormone-drenched B.O. sponge. And, because they love you, they love your stank.—

What is a Stonk?

: a heavy concentration of artillery fire call for a good stonk about five hours before our assault — Infantry Journal loosed a stonk on them and wiped them off the face of the earth— Peter Rainier.

What does it mean when a girl calls you stank?

adjective. with poor personal hygiene / promiscuous / generally gross. She’s a stank hoe.

Is stank a bad word?

[~ + up + object]They stank up the hallways with the smell of sour herring. Informal Termsto be very bad, unpleasant, or inferior:[no object* not: be + ~ -ing]This job stinks! Slang Terms[Informal.]

What is a stank face?

Thinks that are funky. Things that are nasty. Filthy McNasty. There’s a long tradition of reacting to something particularly funky with stank face.

What is a stank eye?

informal : a look expressing annoyance, resentment, or disapproval —usually used with the As I bumbled my way through the ordering experience in Boston, I could feel the regulars giving me the stink eye [=giving me a dirty look]. “

Why is it called stink eye?

For those unfamiliar with the term, stink eye is the in vogue term for the old fashioned dirty look. Some say the origins of the stink eye can be traced back to Hawaiian surfer slang as in “He stole my wave so I gave him the….”.

Why do eyes stink?

Discharge (a watery, often foul-smelling, liquid) is another very common symptom of the condition. The type of discharge you have can often help to show what form of conjunctivitis you have. Green or yellow discharge usually indicates bacterial conjunctivitis.

What does boogie mean slang?

Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a Black person. boogie-woogie. a lively form of rock ‘n’ roll, based on the blues.

What is another word for Boujee?

“Synonyms for Boujee” https://www.classicthesaurus.com/boujee/synonyms (accessed June 23, 2021)….List search.

17 »rich adj.quality, characteristic, luxury
9 »posh adj.quality, characteristic, luxury
8 »dictee adj.slang, richness, luxury
8 »deluxe adj.luxury, richness, quality
8 »magnificent adj.luxury, richness, quality

What’s another word for Bougie?

What is another word for bougie?

bourgie chichi
grandiose swank
showy splashy
contrived pompous
pretentious frilly

What’s the opposite of Boujee?

“Antonyms for Boujee” https://www.classicthesaurus.com/boujee/antonyms (accessed June 23, 2021)….List search.

8 »low-class adj.characteristic, appearance, quality
4 »poor adj.characteristic, appearance, quality
4 »unamazing adj.ugliness, quality, characteristic

How can you tell if someone is Bougie?

10 Signs You Might Be Bougie

  • Your “fitness” life is on fleek. Generic image.
  • You give your kids résumé-appropriate names. Generic image.
  • You travel like the Kennedys.
  • You hire a black nanny.
  • You have a nontraditional “village.”
  • You hide behind the law.
  • You constantly thank Jesus for wine.
  • You’re always pretty in pastel.

Is it OK to say ratchet?

There was a whole campaign created against using the phrase “that’s so gay,” but no regard to the use of “ghetto” and “ratchet.” If you’re still confused, the bottom line is this: It’s offensive and it’s disrespectful.

What does uncouth mean in English?

1a : awkward and uncultivated in appearance, manner, or behavior : rude. b : lacking in polish and grace : rugged uncouth verse. c : strange or clumsy in shape or appearance : outlandish.

What is a ratchet driver?

A ratchet screwdriver has a mechanism that permits the tool to apply turning force only in one direction, while moving freely in the opposite. So it can be set to drive or remove screws, without having to move the bit in and out of the screw head at the end of each turn.

What should I avoid when using hand tools?

What should I avoid when using hand tools?

  • Do not use tools for jobs they are not intended to do.
  • Do not apply excessive force or pressure on tools.
  • Do not cut towards yourself when using cutting tools.
  • Do not hold the stock in the palm of your hand when using a cutting tool or a screwdriver.

What is ratchet function?

A ratchet is a mechanical device that allows continuous linear or rotary motion in only one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction. Ratchets are widely used in machinery and tools.

What is PZ screwdriver?

According to ISO standard, the two cross-head screwdriver types are designated as PH for Phillips and PZ for Pozidriv screws.