What is Lollipop called in English?

What is Lollipop called in English?

Synonyms for lollipop in English lollipop; lolly; sucker; all-day sucker; ice lolly; popsicle.

What is Lollipop Syndrome?

Lollipop Syndrome refers to a situation in which one or both parents influence the child with gifts, good food, fun, good times, and minimal discipline in an attempt to win over the child.

What does rhapsodic mean?

1 : extravagantly emotional : rapturous.

What does candelabrum mean?

candelabrum in American English (ˌkændlˈɑːbrəm, -dlˈei-) nounWord forms: plural -bra (-brə), -brums. an ornamental branched holder for more than one candle.

How do you use the word rhapsodic?

Rhapsodic sentence example They had the untouchable sound, the look, the rhapsodic rhetoric, and the strangeness. You will find nothing Bohemian, and precious little that’s rhapsodic , here. It ‘s a fierce, disjointed, rhapsodic piece. Jonathan Hoare waxes rhapsodic about a 1950 Triumph 6T Thunderbird.

What does the word demotic mean?

demotic \dih-MAH-tik\ adjective. 1 : of, relating to, or written in a simplified form of the ancient Egyptian hieratic writing. 2 : of or relating to people and especially their speech : popular, common. 3 : of or relating to the form of Modern Greek that is based on everyday speech.

Is rhapsodic a word?

adjective. extravagantly enthusiastic; ecstatic. pertaining to, characteristic of, or of the nature or form of rhapsody.

What does inexorable mean in English?

: not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped : relentless inexorable progress.

What is the meaning of sordid?

1 : marked by baseness or grossness : vile sordid motives. 2a : dirty, filthy. b : wretched, squalid. 3 : meanly avaricious : covetous.

What does disinterred mean?

1 : to take out of the grave or tomb. 2 : to bring back into awareness or prominence also : to bring to light : unearth.

What does bares mean?

As an adjective, it can mean minimal, naked, uncovered, or without supplies. The verb bare means to reveal or open something to view.

What does bare girl mean?

1 unclothed; exposed: used esp. of a part of the body. 2 without the natural, conventional, or usual covering or clothing.

What is BBC impartiality?

In one sense defining impartiality is easy. It means reflecting all sides of arguments and not favouring any side.