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What is Polonius plan now Act 3 Scene 3?

What is Polonius plan now Act 3 Scene 3?

Polonius plans to hide himself behind a tapestry—again—and listen in on their conversation so that he can report what transpires to Claudius. Polonius hurries off to put his plan into action.

How does Polonius respond to the king’s suggestion?

how does polonius respond to the king’s suggestion? he tells him to do what he wants, but make sure he speaks top the queen about it. what does hamlet ask horatio to do during the performance of the play? he asks him to soy on Claudius during the play.

How does Claudius react when Polonius says?

How does Claudius react when Polonius says “with devotion’s visage, and pious action we do sugar o’er/the devil himself?” Rationalizing. Going to put Ophelia off on pretense of prayer. Ophelia praying, happen on Hamlet, there will be confrontation, we will eavesdrop.

How does Claudius react to Polonius death?

that Hamlet killed Polonius and that his madness is a threat. What is Claudius first reaction to the news of Polonuius’s death? he is upset, but knows he should have restrained Hamlet more. He uses this as an excuse to get Hamlet out of Denmark faster.

How was Polonius death foreshadowed?

Polonius’s death Hamlet’s murder of Polonius is foreshadowed when Polonius tells the assembled court that he acted at university: “I did enact Julius Caesar. I was killed i’ th’ Capitol. Brutus killed me” (III.

How does Hamlet react when he kills Polonius?

Hamlet feels no remorse over killing Polonius, even though he did so by accident and, remarkably, even though this is the father of the woman he supposedly loves. He merely says of him, as if he is so much garbage: I’ll lug the guts into the neighbor room.

Is Polonius a good character?

Polonius is King Claudius’s advisor and Ophelia and Laertes’s father. He is concerned with appearances, especially the reputations of his children. His fatherly advice is well-intentioned but also generic and hypocritical, filled with clichéd aphorisms and self-serving recommendations.

What does Polonius assume has driven Hamlet mad?

Polonius wants to learn about what his son is doing in Paris because he wants to spy on his son. Polonius thinks that Hamlet is mad because he’s crazy with love for Ophelia and she is ignoring him so he is depressed.