What is retort stand with clamp?

What is retort stand with clamp?

A retort stand, sometimes called a ring stand, is a piece of scientific equipment, to which clamps can be attached to hold test tubes and other equipment such as burettes which are most often used in titration experiments. It is also used in filtering.

What is the use of clamp in laboratory?

It is used to hold round laboratory glassware, such as a beaker, and flasks, etc. This type of clamp is made from stainless steel.

What is the function of clamp stand?

(chemistry) An item of laboratory equipment which consists of a metal pole with a solid, firm base, used to hold, or clamp, laboratory glassware and other equipment in place, so that they do not fall down or come apart.

Why is it called a retort stand?

The term retort comes by way of Middle French, but ultimately from Latin retortus, twisted back, for the shape of the neck.

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