What is sentence of treachery?

What is sentence of treachery?

Treachery sentence example. The treachery of a foreign guide also added to his difficulties. But soon afterwards the king, suspecting treachery , resolved to get rid of his enemies once and for all. Almost as bad, how many others had died from the treachery of a single Guardian?

What is a sentence for ferocious?

Ferocious Sentence Examples The stories of his ferocious savagery exceed belief. Ferocious yells of triumph rang from the mob. After a ferocious contest, the Danes were practically annihilated.

What is cumbersome task?

1 awkward because of size, weight, or shape. cumbersome baggage. 2 difficult because of extent or complexity.

What is a sentence for cumbersome?

Cumbersome sentence example. The large lockers were cumbersome and heavy. This is going to be a lot more cumbersome than my usual costume. While it was feasible, Quinn’s equipment was cumbersome and there were the ever present problem of absolute quiet, not to mention the security issue.

What does ungainly mean?

1a : lacking in smoothness or dexterity : clumsy ungainly movements. b : hard to handle : unwieldy an ungainly contraption.

What is awkward or ungainly?

See word origin. Frequency: The definition of ungainly is someone who is awkward or clumsy. A person who is always tripping over his own two feet is an example of someone who would be described as ungainly. adjective.

What does bestowing mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to put to use : apply bestowed his spare time on study. 2 : to put in a particular or appropriate place : stow …

What does bestow yourself on mean?

(bɪstoʊ ) Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense bestows , present participle bestowing , past tense, past participle bestowed. verb. To bestow something on someone means to give or present it to them.

What does it mean to live Spartan?

adjective. A spartan lifestyle or existence is very simple or strict, with no luxuries. Their spartan lifestyle prohibits a fridge or a phone.