What is so special about Yo-Yo Ma?

What is so special about Yo-Yo Ma?

Yo-Yo Ma, (born October 7, 1955, Paris, France), French-born American cellist known for his extraordinary technique and rich tone. His frequent collaborations with musicians and artists from other genres, cultures, and media reinvigorated classical music and expanded its audience.

What is Yo-Yo Ma doing now?

Today, Yo-Yo Ma is in demand as never before. His classical recitals and experimental performances sell out regularly, and his willingness to charge ahead into the unknown and take chances has opened a door for a new generation of musicians.

What does Yo-Yo Ma’s name mean?

“There’s a Chinese tradition that all the siblings from one generation share one character in their names in common, or one syllable,” the celebrated cellist explained in an interview for my new PBS documentary series, Faces of America. “And so for my generation, there was Yo”—which means “friendly” in Chinese.

What do people call Yo-Yo Ma?

Yo-Yo Ma (born 7 October 1955) is a French-born Chinese American cellist. His family name is “Ma”, so his full Chinese name is “Ma Yo-yo”. Yo-Yo Ma is one of the world’s greatest cellists….Yo-Yo Ma.

Yo-Yo Ma 馬友友
Associated acts Silk Road Ensemble
Website yo-yoma.com

Is Yo-Yo Ma really that good?

Yo-Yo Ma is the most instantly recognizable and widely known cellist on the planet. According to Florida State College of Music professor and Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra cellist Gregory Sauer, Ma, 59, is also one of the kindest cello players on Earth. …

Did Yo-Yo Ma play at Steve Jobs funeral?

The visionary behind the iPod changed modern music, says cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Chinese-American cellist Yo-Yo Ma shared fond recollections of his friend, the late Steve Jobs, in a GRAMMY Awards tribute earlier this year. He played at Jobs’s funeral in October 2011, at the Apple co-founder’s request.

Was Bill Gates at Steve Jobs funeral?

The funeral of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a small but well-attended affair, according to news reports. According to the New York Times, attendees included Bill Clinton, Microsoft co-founder and Jobs’s long-time business rival Bill Gates and singer Joan Baez, who once dated Jobs.

What did Yo Yo Ma play for Steve Jobs?

By that time Jobs had been struck by cancer, and he made Ma promise to play at his funeral. As it turns out, Ma plays the first four Bach suites tuning down his cello a full semitone, and there is a specific reason for doing so.

How much does Yo-Yo Ma make per concert?

Well, what about well-known and in-demand concert artists? If The Ear heard correctly, Yo-Yo Ma’s fee for that one-night performance was either $90,000 or $95,000 -– or about $42,500 or $45,000 an hour.

Who is the best cellist in the world?

These are the 16 greatest cellists of all time

  • Mischa Maisky.
  • David Popper.
  • Jacqueline du Pré
  • Mstislav Rostropovich.
  • Heinrich Schiff.
  • János Starker.
  • Paul Tortelier.
  • Alisa Weilerstein.

What is Yo-Yo Ma net worth?

Yo-Yo Ma Net Worth: Yo-Yo Ma is a Chinese-American cellist who has a net worth of $30 million. He became well known as a child prodigy and went on to produce over eighty albums and win eighteen Grammy Awards.

How much is Stjepan Hauser worth?

Stjepan Hauser net worth: Stjepan Hauser is a Croatian cellist who has a net worth of $8 million. Stjepan Hauser was born in Pula, Croatia in June 1986. He is a member of the group 2Cellos with Luka Sulic.

How old is Yo Yo mama?

65 years (October 7, 1955)

Is Yoyo Ma Chinese?

World-renowned Chinese-American cellist Yo-Yo Ma talks about his Bach and Silk Road projects. An 18-time Grammy winner and major contributor to the theme music for Oscar-winning film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Yo-Yo Ma is definitely one of the world’s most well-known ethnic Chinese virtuosos.

What ethnicity is Yo-Yo Ma?


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What is a cellist?

(tʃelɪst ) Word forms: plural cellists. countable noun. A cellist is someone who plays the cello.

What instrument is the biggest and has the lowest pitch in the string family?

double bass

Why does the cello sound so good?

The cello produces the best sound People have compared its sound to the human voice for centuries, which is probably why it sounds so appealing to our ears. The reason behind this is because the cello’s range is quite similar to a person’s vocal range. The cello’s complex tone allows it to become the music.

How much do professional cello players make?

Cellists in America make an average salary of $62,469 per year or $30 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $146,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $26,000 per year.

Who gets paid the most in an orchestra?

Top 10 Earners

  • Los Angeles Philharmonic: $3,010,589.
  • Chicago Symphony: $2,716,488.
  • San Francisco Symphony: $2,492,623.
  • Dallas Symphony: $2,206,908.
  • New York Philharmonic: $1,645,865.
  • Philadelphia Orchestra: $1,424,000.
  • Boston Symphony: $1,395,161.
  • Cleveland Orchestra: $1,319,353.

What is the highest paying orchestra?

Many members of these orchestras are earning more than base pay, of course. The highest paid member of every orchestra is the Concertmaster. In 2016 CONCERTMASTER BASE PAY for the ten highest paid concertmasters was: New York Philharmonic: $615,924.

Who is the highest paid conductor?

Highest paid conductors

  1. Chicago Symphony: $2,776,869 (Riccardo Muti)
  2. San Francisco Symphony: $2,715,815 (Michae Tilson Thomas)
  3. Dallas Symphony: $2,657,139 (Jaap Van Zweden)
  4. Los Angeles Philharmonic: $1,906,100 (Gustavo Dudamel)
  5. New York Philharmonic: $1,672,450 (Alan Gilbert)

How much money do you make in an orchestra?

Major orchestra salaries range by the orchestra from a little over $100,000 to a little over $150,000. Principals, the ranking member of each orchestra section, can make a great deal more, in some instances more than $400,000. And most major orchestras play for a season lasting only about nine- months a year.

Do train conductors make good money?

In May 2017, railroad conductors received a median salary of $60,300; earnings for the lower half of conductors fell below this amount, and earnings for the top half were above it. The bottom 10 percent of conductors made below $42,950 annually, while the top 10 percent earned high salaries over $91,630.

Do conductor’s hand movements mean anything?

At the beginning of a piece of music, the conductor raises his hands (or hand if he only uses a single hand) to indicate that the piece is about to begin. This is a signal for the orchestra members to ready their instruments to be played or for the choristers to be ready and watching.

What is a conductor’s stick called?


Is a dog a conductor?

A “DOG” conductor is a ACSR (aluminum conductor, steel reinforced) cable with nominal aluminum cross-sectional area of 100 mm². It has 6 aluminum strands of 4.72 mm diameter and 7 steel strands of 1.57 mm diameter. A “RABBIT” conductor is a ACSR cable with nominal aluminum cross-sectional area of 50 mm².

Does an orchestra really need a conductor?

Most importantly a conductor serves as a messenger for the composer. It is their responsibility to understand the music and convey it through gesture so transparently that the musicians in the orchestra understand it perfectly. Those musicians can then transmit a unified vision of the music out to the audience.

What would happen if an orchestra didn’t have a conductor?

Without a conductor, each musician would resort to his or her own individual opinion. Much of the conductor’s input is during rehearsal when he or she conveys this information to the orchestra.