What is the ancient Greek word for honor?

What is the ancient Greek word for honor?

Philotimo (also spelled filotimo; Greek: φιλότιμο) is a Greek noun that has the literal translation of “love of honor”. However, philotimo is claimed to be impossible to translate sufficiently as it describes a complex array of virtues.

What reveals the fame and honor were important in Greek culture?

The Iliad reveals that fame and honor were important in Greek culture. The Iliad reveals that fame and honor were important in Greek culture.

What are the two types of honor?

Anthropologist Frank Henderson Stewart makes the case that honor comes in two types: horizontal and vertical.

Which Greek god did the plays Honor?

god Dionysus

Which is a quality of a hero in a Greek myth?

The hero has larger than life attributes (e.g., characteristics), like bravery, strength, etc. He also had larger than life flaws. The hero’s suffering and ignoble death are often the result of his flaw.

Is Geras an Elder God?

Geras is one of the few characters in the series that can not truly die, the other notable ones being Shinnok, the Elder Gods, and Geras’ creator, Kronika. However, he is one of the few Immortal characters not of a Godly ranking or origin.

Who was the goddess of joy and peace?

Goddess of good cheer, joy and mirth
Member of The Charites
A statue of Euphrosyne in Achilleion palace, Corfu.
Affiliation Aphrodite

Who is the god of friendship in Hinduism?


Who is the most kindest God?

Christ Jesus Is, ultimately the Kindest.

Who is the kindest person in the universe?

MUHAMMAD SAWW is the kindest human found on earth ever.

Who is the kindest God in India?

He asked Bhrigu if he had hurt his foot and began massaging it. Stunned by this act of kindness, Bhrigu proclaimed Vishnu the god most worthy of worship.

Who is the most powerful god?

Shiva is also considered as the God of Gods. The existence which represents infinity itself. He is the supreme masculine divinity in this universe and is lord of the three worlds (Vishwanath) and is second to none in wrath and power. Sarvaripati Shiva is one of the most fearsome manifestation of the supreme God.

Who is the No 1 powerful God in the world?

Though Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh together can easily be considered as the most powerful Gods among all the Gods but if we have to talk about only one most powerful God it would undoubtedly be Lord Shiva. He is not only worshiped by humans but also by all Gods, demons, and ghosts.