What is the attitude of the writer toward the subject matter?

What is the attitude of the writer toward the subject matter?

Tone is the author’s attitude toward the topic. The author’s attitude is expressed through the words and details he or she selects. For example, textbooks are usually written with an objective tone which includes facts and reasonable explanations. The objective tone is matter-of-fact and neutral.

What is the definition of tone the attitude of a text?

Tone is a literary device that reflects the writer’s attitude toward the subject or audience of a literary work. The way an author uses sentence structure, choice of words, and literary devices such as figurative language can all convey the tone of a piece of writing. …

How do you determine the tone of a poem?

In order to figure out the tone of a poem, you should analyze the writer’s attitude just like you would interpret the attitude of someone speaking to you. We know that when others speak to us, their tone of voice suggests a particular attitude either toward us or the subject that they are discussing.

What is a slang word for awesome?

Dope – Cool or awesome.

What’s a big word for excellent?

What is another word for excellent?

exceptional brilliant
exquisite fine
magnificent outstanding
distinguished exemplary
extraordinary incredible

What’s the definition of excellent?

1 : very good of its kind : eminently good : first-class. 2 archaic : superior.

Who is an excellent person?

An excellent person affirms so because he believes he is a professional problem solver and care more about his prospects than making just making money. He gets himself out of the way and think more of his prospects’ needs than of his personal one-man success.

Is it an excellent or a excellent?

” He is an excellent…..? ” grammatically wrong. the noun is missing here. according to English grammar an adjective comes before a noun with article. ” He is an excellent student/dancer/singer” is right way..