What is the best inference you can make about Letty?

What is the best inference you can make about Letty?

Explanation: From the text, the best inference that we can make, is that Letty doesn’t make a lot of money waitressing, because she is in the morning shift, and she says that the early customers don’t tip very well, also, she has a second job at a factory, which means she doesn’t make a lot of money as a waitress.

What does this passage from how do I love thee?

Answer: The speaker does not hesitate to love and she loves with good intentions. This passage compares the author’s spirit of love with the nature of men. She loves as freely as men feel the need to be and do the right thing.

Which word from this excerpt of William Carlos Williams Spring and all has the most negative connotation apex?

According to the Longman Dictionary, stark means “very plain in appearance, with little or no colour or decoration.” This word in this last stanza of the poem has a negative connotation. It makes reference to the dying plants and their remains, a dull lifeless scenery in winter.

Which word is in this excerpt from William?

The word in this excerpt from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet that means “resistant” is “rebellious”. “Rebellious” is an adjective that is used to refer to someone that is against an authority’s idea or plan. A rebellious person does not behave as expected and most times he/she uses force to show his/her discontent.

What is a retrieval question?

Questioning. To retrieve information from a text, pupils need to be able to read and decode most of the vocabulary used. However, pictures and images can be used in early years to introduce this skill and ask questions orally. Key words in retrieval questions are: ‘Who, what, where, why, when, which, how’

What are retrieval skills?

Retrieval is a reading skill and often one of the first skills to be developed by a child in school. Children have to pick out information from a text in order to answer questions about it.