What is the central conflict in the most dangerous game?

What is the central conflict in the most dangerous game?

The main conflict in “The Most Dangerous Game” is simply that Rainsford, the protagonist, wants to leave Ship-Trap Island safely and unharmed by Zaroff, the antagonist. Zaroff is hunting Rainsford and wants to kill him for fun.

What is an example of conflict in the most dangerous game?

In the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” one of the major conflicts is man vs. self. For example, when Rainsford is being showed fear, “Rainsford…was awakened by the sound that made him know that he had new things to learn about fear.” (p 22). This shows one of the major external conflicts in the story.

What is the main conflict in the most dangerous game quizlet?

CONFLICT: : A conflict in a literary work is a struggle between opposing forces. The main conflict of “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell is revealed when Rainsford discovers the presence of Zaroff on Ship Trap Island. Zaroff wishes Rainsford, whom he knows is a skilled hunter, to be his hunting partner.

Does Rainsford kill Ivan?

At daybreak, Rainsford hears the baying of the hounds and spots Zaroff and Ivan with a small pack of hunting dogs in the distance. Rainsford fashions another trap by tying his knife to a sapling. The trap kills Ivan, but the hounds push on, cornering Rainsford at the edge of a cliff.

What is the conflict between General zaroff and Rainsford?

The external conflict is man versus man, as General Zaroff relentlessly hunts Rainsford through the jungle. The internal conflict is man versus himself, shown in the story by Rainsford’s experience of the hopelessness felt by exhausted prey animals, which gives him an entirely new perspective on the sport of hunting.

Why does Rainsford succeed?

He is resourceful and refuses to play by Zaroff’s rules. You can infer that Rainsford succeeds largely because: He realizes he is a better hunter than General Zaroff. What is Rainsford’s epiphany while he and General Zaroff discuss hunting?

Why does zaroff think Rainsford is droll and naïve?

Zaroff thinks Rainford droll and naive as Zaroff thinks himself as the superior most Hunter and all others to be far below him. EXPLANATION: In the story ‘The most Dangerous Game’ by Richard Connel Zaroff is a unique character. He lives in an island in majestic lavishness.

Why does Rainsford repeat the word nerve?

What does Rainsford’s repetition of the word “nerve” reveal about his character? A. Rainsford’s repetition characterizes him as forgetful and blundering, which is why he must repeat the word to remember his mission. Rainsford’s repetition shows that it is his courage and ability to reason that enables him to survive.

Does Rainsford believe that conflict is a universal condition?

Rainsford does believe that conflict is universal, for he includes everyone in one or the other of two groups that struggle against each other.

How do the sailors and Rainsford feel about the island at the beginning of the story?

The sailors do not believe the island exists, thinking that it is just a myth, even though Rainsford can see it. Rainsford believes the rumor that the island is filled with cannibals, but the sailors know it is just an island. The sailors believe it is a place of evil, but Rainsford thinks they are just superstitious.

What happened to Rainsford?

Rainsford ends up killing the general in one-on-one combat and rests peacefully in Zaroff’s bed that night. At the end of the story General Zaroff believes that Rainsford has simply given up and jumped off the cliffs and into the sea to meet his death.

What was zaroff’s problem with hunting?

Zaroff tells Rainsford that he became bored with hunting because he was too good at tracking and killing animals and because modern weaponry had given human hunters too much of an advantage over their quarry. “… hunting had ceased to be what you call ‘a sporting proposition.” It had become too easy.

What are zaroff’s rules for the hunt?

Zaroff’s rules to his game are if you refuse to play, you will instead get tortured by Ivan. if you don’t refuse you get a supply of food and a knife. You get three days, if Zaroff finds you, and kills you, you loose. If he doesn’t find you in those three days, then you win.

Who was the victim of the death swamp?

There’s quicksand there. One foolish fellow tried it. That the place is dangerous is confirmed, as the general says that one of his best hounds, Lazarus, died in the swamp. Later on, Rainsford ran away to that part of the island, and he nearly died in the quicksand.