What is the conflict of and of Clay Are We Created?

What is the conflict of and of Clay Are We Created?

The internal conflict that centers around Rolf Carle makes him the protagonist of this story. The antagonist in “And of Clay Are We Created” is nature: both the nature of the world, and the nature of human beings to sometimes focus more on the publicity of human suffering than on the victims themselves.

How is the internal conflict in the story developed?

Internal conflict is when a character struggles with their own opposing desires or beliefs. It happens within them, and it drives their development as a character. External forces stand in the way of a character’s motivations and create tension as the character tries to reach their goals.

What is the purpose of and of Clay Are We Created?

Hover for more information. The main themes in “And of Clay Are We Created”are the fragility of life, the fearful power of nature, and the determination of the human spirit. In the story, the devastation caused by the volcanic eruption reinforces the fragility of life and the formidable power of nature.

Who is the protagonist in and of clay we are created?

The Stories of Eva Luna (1991) is Allende’s first collection of short fiction. Like Scheherazade, Eva Luna presents twenty-three interwoven stories to her lover RolfCarlé, the male protagonist of “And of Clay Are We Created.”

Who are the two main characters in and of Clay Are We Created?

“And of Clay Are We Created,” the last short story in Isabel Allende’s collection The Stories of Eva Luna, is based upon a real event. Omayra Sanchez was a young victim of the 1985 earthquake in Colombia. The story is told by the heroine of Allende’s third novel Eva Luna, whose lover, Rolf Carlé, is the main character.

What happens to Azucena at the end of the story?

At the end of the story, Azucena dies and slides into the mud pit where she has been trapped after the volcano eruption. After spending three days in the mud and water, Azucena dies of hypothermia due to the cold, wet conditions.

What happens to cause the avalanche of clay?

Azucena becomes trapped in the mire of mud, debris, and clay after a massive volcano erupts, which creates an avalanche of “telluric vomit.” The volcanic eruption buries the small villages at the bottom of the volcano in viscous mud, leaving more than twenty thousand human beings trapped in the quagmire.

In what way is carlé’s interaction with Azucena changing him?

The text states that he has “dark circles under his eyes” and a “growth of beard.” He is so tired and consumed by the rescue activities that he even stops filming happenings around him. He does not leave Acuzena’s side throughout the ordeal. He tells her encouraging stories to cheer her up. He even feeds her.

Why does Rolf work so hard to keep Azucena alive?

There are several reasons why Rolf Carle tries so desperately to keep Azucena alive. First of all, Rolf had a sister who died from abuse. Katharina was disabled, and Rolf would hide her to avoid their father’s abuse. Katharina dies, and Rolf feels overwhelming grief for “abandoning” her.