What is the correct spelling of postponed?

What is the correct spelling of postponed?

Correct spelling for the English word “postponed” is [pə͡ʊstpˈə͡ʊnd], [pə‍ʊstpˈə‍ʊnd], [p_əʊ_s_t_p_ˈəʊ_n_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does Popstone mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to put off to a later time : defer. 2a : to place later (as in a sentence) than the normal position in English postpone an adjective. b : to place later in order of precedence, preference, or importance.

What does postpone post mean?

verb (used with object), post·poned, post·pon·ing. to put off to a later time; defer: He has postponed his departure until tomorrow. to place after in order of importance or estimation; subordinate: to postpone private ambitions to the public welfare.

Is postponement a real word?

Meaning of postponement in English. a delay to an event because someone plans or decides that it should happen at a later date or time: We were disappointed by yet another postponement of our trip. Fog forced a postponement of the planned 9 am takeoff.

What are the synonyms for postpone?

other words for postpone

  • adjourn.
  • defer.
  • delay.
  • hold up.
  • shelve.
  • suspend.
  • pigeonhole.
  • table.

What is the similar meaning of postpone?

SYNONYMS. put off, delay, defer, put back, hold off, hold over, carry over, reschedule, adjourn, stay, shelve, stand over, pigeonhole, keep in abeyance, suspend, mothball.

How do you use postpone?

postpone something until something We’ll have to postpone the meeting until next week. postpone something to something They have agreed to postpone repayment of the loan to a future unspecified date. postpone doing something It was an unpopular decision to postpone building the new hospital.

What can postpone?

You can postpone small things, like going to the store or watching a video. The government can postpone big things, like the passing of bills or the invasion of another country. People who procrastinate are constantly postponing. When you see the word postpone, think “Later!”

What is a good sentence for Postpone?

Postpone sentence example. She released her breath, satisfied on more than one level, to postpone her return to the human world. The country was at war, and it seemed best to postpone the new constitution until peace should be concluded.

Does postponed mean Cancelled?

“Canceled” means that what was planned or scheduled to happen is no longer happening, due to whatever reason. “Postponed” means that what was planned or scheduled to happen is going to happen, but at a later time than it was originally planned.

What happens when a concert is postponed?

If your event is postponed, the event organizer is still trying to reschedule your event; if they do, your tickets will remain good for the rescheduled date. If your event has been rescheduled, and the event’s organizer is offering refunds, this option will be visible under the event in your Ticketmaster account.

What is the difference between postponing and Cancelling?

As verbs the difference between postpone and cancel is that postpone is to delay or put off an event, appointment etc while cancel is to cross out something with lines etc.

What does it mean if a game is postponed?

Postponed Event – Bet Stands Usually, if the details of the new date are decided quickly and the re-scheduled event takes place quite soon (this may be within 48 hours, 72 hours or even a week) the original bet and odds will stand and simply roll forward onto the new date and time.

What happens if a game is postponed in Mozzart bet?

In the case of a suspension or postponement of any of the matches in the group, the Terms and Conditions approved by the Betting Control and Licensing Board shall apply. In the event that a ticket has not been paid as predefined, such ticket shall not be counted for Mozzartbet Super Jackpot.

What happens to your bet when a game is postponed?

If you backed a postponed match in a single bet, the bet is void and the stake will be refunded. If you backed a postponed match in a double bet, the bet will revert to a single on the remaining selection.

What happens if a bet is void?

A void bet is one that is essentially cancelled, made null and void as if it had never been placed in the first place, and whilst you don’t win anything, you don’t lose anything either, with your stake being returned in full to your account.

Do you get money back if bet is void?

If the Team/Player/Outcome Is Found to Have Not Been Possible. For instance, is a bet is placed on the first goalscorer in a game of football, and during the warm-up prior to the game, that player gets injured and can play no part in the game. In this case, the bet is made void and, in most cases, the stake is refunded …

Why is a bet void?

Common reasons for the voiding of bets include: Postponement/cancellation of an event. A horse being declared a non-runner in non ante-post horse market. Bets placed after the outcome has already been determined.

Will bet9ja pay me if one game cut my ticket?

The answer to will bet9ja pay me if one game cut my ticket is YES, the recently added a feature called Cut one on their betting platform which ensures you get paid when one game cut your ticket.

Is NairaBet better than Bet9ja?

If you are looking for an online sports betting experience uncluttered with extras, Bet9ja is a better option for you. Football Jackpots– You will find lucrative football jackpots at both NairaBet and Bet9ja. Welcome Bonuses– Both online bookies offer generous welcome bonuses.

Does SportyBet pay cut one?

Does SportyBet Pay Cut One? This is one of the unique features on the SportyBet app that is not available on many bet apps in Nigeria. On the SportyBet app, the cut one permutations are available where you get paid even if one game spoils your ticket.

Does betway pay if one game cut?

According to the image above, if you have 6-10 games on your accumulator, and one game cuts your ticket, betway will refund 100% of your stake. Similarly, if you have over 20 games in your slip, you will get 20 times your stake amount if one selection spoils your ticket.

What is the maximum winning in betway?

The total amount that you can win (Potential return + winning boost % amount), can reach a maximum of 50 Million NGN….Here is how the winning boost system works –

Number of Legs Win Boost Percentage
29 225%
30 250%

Does betway give money back?

Free bets are credited into your account within 24 hours of the match getting over, and should be used within 7 days of being credited, after which they will expire. Free bets are non-refundable and cannot be encashed.

What is the highest amount paid out by betway?


What is the maximum winning in Bet9Ja?


What is the minimum amount to deposit in betway?

For new users and first-time depositors, the minimum deposit on Betway is ₹200. For returning customers, the minimum deposit is ₹500. You can make a deposit and place IPL satta. The minimum withdrawal amount on Betway is $10 or ₹1,000.

How long do betway take to pay out?

On the Betway website, it states that you’ll see funds in your banking account within 2 to 24 hours. It takes slower with Visa debit and credit card and bank transfers. You’ll see your winnings in your account from one to five business days.