What is the definition of a demised premises?

What is the definition of a demised premises?

Demised Premise means all that portion of the Building which is leased or intended to be leased by the Landlord to the Tenant by this Lease, including any additions and improvements to the Building herein provided; Save. Copy. Remove Advertising.

What does demise mean in construction?

Today, the word “demise” is a legal jargon that means the act of granting a lease of property. For real estate, it refers to giving an estate, to transfer it through a will or a lease.

What does within the demise mean?

Resort to the noun demise when you describe the end, termination, or death of something or someone. Demise is mostly used in medical or legal language, or when someone wants to sound either formal or euphemistic.

Is outside space demised?

If the area is “demised”, then there is usually no problem relating to use of the outside space. The word “demised” simply means, “granted” or “given” and is a legal term used to describe an area, which is included in any leasehold property.

What is the demise of a property?

In property law, ‘demise’ means to transfer by lease. The phrase ‘demised premises’ generally refers to premises that have been transferred by lease, as opposed to the ‘retained parts’ which are not transferred but are retained by the landlord.

What does demise mean in English?

1 : die, decease. 2 : to pass by descent or bequest the property has demised to the king’s heirs. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About demise.

What is another word for demise?

What is another word for demise?

death passing
mortality cessation
ruination afterlife
annihilation darkness
catastrophe release

What is the difference between death and demise?

Both the words mean ‘end or ending of life’. ‘Demise’ is mostly used in formal contexts to refer to the death of someone or something very important or well known. ‘Death’ is a much more general term and unlike ‘demise’, it can be used with things and animals.

How do you use the word demise?

Demise in a Sentence ?

  1. My mother’s demise occurred unexpectedly in a traffic accident.
  2. Since Jim was so young, everyone was stunned by his heart attack and sudden demise.
  3. Online newspapers are causing the demise of the traditional newspaper.

What does much to my demise mean?

n. 1 failure or termination. the demise of one’s hopes. 2 a euphemistic or formal word for → death.

Is demise a polite word?

The use of demise is correct in the given context. Just as one might say ‘passing away’. It is not archaic but formal and somewhat euphemistic. In an obituary announcement, demise is used rather than death — so as not to hurt sentiments.

How do you use sad demise in a sentence?

Sentences Mobile

  1. With the sad demise of its hero, Mewar was thwarted.
  2. That was a sad demise and a great loss to all of us.
  3. After the sad demise of Sudhirlal Chackraborty in 1952, he recorded ” Smriti Tumi Bedonar “.
  4. One of the worst incidents to occur there was the sad demise of Ken Catchpole’s international career.

What is the opposite of demise?

Antonyms for demise beginning, opening, start, creation, commencement, accomplishment, success, construction, birth, rise.

Can demise be used for an animal?

A: Both the words mean ‘end or ending of life’. ‘Demise’ is mostly used in formal contexts to refer to the death of someone or something very important or well known. ‘Death’ is a much more general term, and unlike ‘demise’, can be used with things and animals.

What is the plural of demise?

Filters. Plural form of demise. noun.

Does demise mean death?

noun. death or decease. termination of existence or operation: the demise of the empire. a death or decease occasioning the transfer of an estate.

What is the meaning of glean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to gather grain or other produce left by reapers. 2 : to gather information or material bit by bit.

What does the word imminent demise mean as used in the second sentence?

adj. 1 liable to happen soon; impending. 2 Obsolete jutting out or overhanging.

How do you use the word imminent in a sentence?

Imminent sentence example

  1. The birth of her child was imminent , if not past due.
  2. There was no luggage standing by to indicate an imminent departure.
  3. In 1678 war seemed imminent between France and England.
  4. When an attack was imminent , I called Brady and made him swear to take care of you.

What is the difference between eminent and imminent?

Eminent is often used to describe someone or something that stands out above others in a noticeable way, while imminent is used to describe something that is about to happen very soon.

What is imminent danger?

The threat must be immediate or imminent. This means that you must believe that death or serious physical harm could occur within a short time, for example before OSHA could investigate the problem. OSHA has the right to ask a federal court to order the employer to eliminate the imminent danger.

What is an example of imminent danger?

Imminent danger is a legal term that is used to describe situations that pose a direct and immediate danger to the individual affected by the action. Imminent danger in response to trying to protect another individual – for example, offering yourself up as a hostage to a gunman to spare someone else. …

What is imminent danger pay?

Imminent Danger Pay is paid to a member who is on duty in foreign areas where they are subject to the threat of physical harm or imminent danger because of civil insurrection, civil war, terrorism, or wartime conditions.

How do you use imminent danger in a sentence?

There is greater danger in that, than there is imminent danger to our cities or our coasts. Such decisions are always liable to be taken if there is an imminent danger of starvation. My school and university life was dominated by the imminent danger of the next world war.

What is an example of imminent?

The definition of imminent is something that is likely to happen very soon. An example of imminent is a meteorologist saying a hurricane will reach a certain area.

Is in immediate danger?

Immediate danger means the imminent danger of physical violence or aggression towards self or others, which is likely to cause serious physical harm. Immediate danger means the imminent danger of physical violence/aggression towards self or others likely to cause serious physical harm.

How do you prove imminent danger?

The individual must have reasonable belief that the other person will cause injury and only he or she can stop the other party. The belief is usually a fact of the case because of the actions of the other party. It is what the other person would do in the same situation when facing an imminent danger.

What is a danger law?

Danger means peril or the exposure to harm, loss, pain, or other negative result. The term signifies circumstances or surroundings that compromise the security or existence of a person or thing. It can be an instance or cause of peril.

How can we prevent imminent danger?

Follow accepted policies and procedures with respect to safety. Do not engage in work practices or enter spaces that could be considered imminent danger. Order a stop work if fellow workers are engaged in work that is considered imminent danger.