What is the difference between similar and contradictory?

What is the difference between similar and contradictory?

As adjectives the difference between similar and contradictory. is that similar is having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable while contradictory is that contradicts something, such as an argument.

What’s the meaning of contradictory?

adjective. asserting the contrary or opposite; contradicting; inconsistent; logically opposite: contradictory statements. tending or inclined to contradict.

Is offend and offer similar or contradictory?

Answer and Explanation: The word offend means to cause insult, while the word offer means to try to give, present, or proffer. So while your offer might offense someone, the two words are neither similar nor contradictory in meaning.

Is excel and exceed similar or contradictory?

As verbs the difference between exceed and excel is that exceed is to be larger, greater than (something) while excel is to surpass someone or something; to be better or do better than someone or something.

Is Miner and minor contradictory?

neither similar nor contradictory. The words miner and minor have nothing in common when it comes to their meanings. A miner is a person who works in a mine, whereas minor means something smaller, lesser. As you can see, the meanings are unrelated.

What is another name for an Excel file?

File formats that are supported in Excel

Extension Name of file format
.xla Excel 97-2003 Add-In
.xlam Excel Add-In
.xls Excel 97-Excel 2003 Workbook
.xls Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Workbook

What is another word for succeed?


What is another word for well?

What is another word for do well?

excel shine
star succeed
stand out steal the show
do good thrive
flourish prosper

What is another word for thrives?

What is another word for thrive?

flourish prosper
burgeon bloom
succeed advance
boom blossom
grow improve

What is another word for bloom?

What is another word for bloom?

flowering blossom
blossoming florescence
efflorescence inflorescence
budding flourishing

What does Trive mean?

to grow vigorously

Is Thrival a word?

Literacy education is about making thrival a real word, not just a word some poet invented and hoped for. How we achieve this and what literacy means is a complex and ongoing exploration that requires endless revision, like the simple verse above.

What does Thrival mean?

not so much survival

What does vigorously mean?

: in a vigorous manner : with force and energy He vigorously denied the accusations. In a medium bowl, vigorously stir together the remaining ingredients, except for the pine nuts, to make the filling.—

What type of word is vigorously?

The adverb vigorously has the English root “vigor,” which comes from the Latin word vigere, meaning to be lively or flourish. Synonyms for vigorously include energetically, forcefully, and strenuously.

What is another word for vigorously?

Some common synonyms of vigorous are energetic, lusty, nervous, and strenuous. While all these words mean “having or showing great vitality and force,” vigorous further implies showing no signs of depletion or diminishing of freshness or robustness.

What does manacle mean?

manacled; manacling\ ˈma-​ni-​k(ə-​)liŋ \ Definition of manacle (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to confine (the hands) with manacles. 2 : to make fast or secure : bind broadly : to restrain from movement, progress, or action.

What is a manacle used for?

Used as a noun, manacle is a synonym for shackle, meaning “a metal chain or band, used to fasten someone’s hands or ankles together.” You’re more likely to see the noun form of this word in its plural form manacles, since — like socks or mittens — a pair is usually required.

How do you use manacle in a sentence?

Manacles sentence example Houdini lay on his side, still fettered by the manacles . Instead they have a red hot wrought iron griddle with manacles awaiting them in the firey place. His wrists had horrible big manacles round them and I think they must have hurt because his skin looked raw and was bleeding.

What does Pipel mean?

Noun. Pipel (plural Pipels) (historical, rare) Among Nazi concentration camp detainees, an attractive male child who receives special favor or privileges by maintaining a relationship with another detainee who has been granted some authority over other detainees.

What is Lageralteste?

Lageralteste. a german word that means Senior Camp Inmate.