What is the fastest car in Driver Parallel Lines?

What is the fastest car in Driver Parallel Lines?

Judging by the sound, the Zenda appears to be powered by a V12 engine. It is the fastest car in the game. It takes 2.3 seconds to reach 60 mph.

Are parallel lines worth driving?

Driver: Parallel Lines looks seriously outdated on the PC. Its dull story and gameplay prevent it from being recommendable. Driver: Parallel Lines isn’t nearly as messed up as the last Driver game. Considering how completely jacked most of Driver 3 was, that’s not really saying much, but it’s still worth saying.

How long is driver parallel lines?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 24 9h 29m
Main + Extras 14 15h 43m
Completionists 1 70h
All PlayStyles 39 13h 16m

Can I run driver parallel lines?

You will need at least 8 GB of free disk space to install Driver® Parallel Lines. Provided that you have at least an ATI FireGL T2-128 graphics card you can play the game. Driver Parallel Lines will run on PC system with Windows® XP (SP 1 required)/Vista (only) and upwards.

How many missions are in driver parallel lines?

32 missions
Missions are a big feature of the Driver: Parallel Lines game, and involve certain instructions lead to unlock new things in the world. They usually involve either driving or shooting. There are a total of 32 missions in Driver: Parallel Lines: 17 in the 1978 Era.

When did driver parallel lines come out?

March 14, 2006
Driver: Parallel Lines/Initial release dates

How many driver games are there?

Since the series began in 1999, there have been five main installments released….Games.

Game Metacritic
Driver: Parallel Lines (PS2) 69 (Xbox) 69 (PC) 61 (Wii) 59
Driver 76 (PSP) 57
Driver: San Francisco (PC) 80 (X360) 80 (PS3) 79 (Wii) 64

What year is driver parallel lines set in?

Driver: Parallel Lines follows the story of a young New York driver, TK, who makes his living driving gangsters, pimps, criminals, and lowlifes in and out of trouble, using driving skills and street smarts to make money and live the good live of sex, fast cars and perhaps even drugs. The year is 1979.

Is Watch Dogs a driver?

Watch Dogs was a Driver game, until Ubisoft decided it wanted its ‘own GTA’ instead. “It was always modern day,” a Ubisoft source told Peel. “It had on-foot, parkour, combat as well as driving, all set in a large open-world city, and the main hook was always modern technology and hacking.

What year is driver 1 set in?

Set in New York City in 1976, two years before the events in the first half of Driver: Parallel Lines, the player takes the role of Ray, TK’s friend and a supporting character from Parallel Lines.

Will there ever be another driver game?

Driver has been dormant for a decade, and shows no signs of revival. While Reflections still exists within Ubisoft and contributes to the driving models of games like Ghost Recon, it hasn’t been let loose as the lead studio of a big-budget driving game since San Francisco.

What does vehicle select do in Driver Parallel Lines?

― Driver: Parallel Lines Manual description. Vehicle Select is an option inside Ray’s Autos in Driver: Parallel Lines. It allows the player to select vehicles they have unlocked, and further modify them for an extra cost. This article lists all vehicles listed in the garage once the game has been complete.

Do you play Driver Parallel Lines in two eras?

You play a lot of Driver: Parallel Lines in two different eras of times which adds something different and fresh to the gameplay. The graphics of this game are simple but still have a realistic feel to it. It adds a lot to the experience driving around a real place like New York.

Who is the main character in parallel lines?

Driver: Parallel Lines is the fourth in its series and we see the departure of the main character of the series; John Tanner and is replaced with a getaway driver called TK. The game takes a lot of inspiration from games like GTA with car controls and gunplay.