What is the full meaning of clever?

What is the full meaning of clever?

mentally bright; having sharp or quick intelligence; able. superficially skillful, witty, or original in character or construction; facile: It was an amusing, clever play, but of no lasting value. showing inventiveness or originality; ingenious: His clever device was the first to solve the problem.

What does the acronym boss stand for?


Acronym Definition
BOSS Built on Self Success
BOSS Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency
BOSS Boulder Outdoor Survival School
BOSS Bharat Operating System Solutions

What is a better word for boss?

SYNONYMS FOR boss 1 supervisor, head, foreman, chief, superintendent, administrator, overseer.

What is the full name of boss?


Definition : Bharat Operating System Solutions
Category : Computing » Software & Applications
Country/ Region : India
Popularity :

What do you call a boss lady?

Noun. A female leader of a work crew (a female foreperson or female foreman) forewoman. boss. manageress.

Is Boss Lady a compliment?

Being a strong woman is a superficial, often backhanded, compliment. Others may describe these female characters as an example of a, “lady boss.” I become unsettled with this term too.

What does it mean when a guy calls you boss lady?

Means someone who acts like a boss. Loves to give directions to others and expects all her orders are adhered to. Basically, it’s like she owns you.

How do you address a female boss?

When you address a woman in a business letter, you should always use any professional title she may have (such as “Dr. or “Rev.”); if she does not have a professional title, use a general title based on her marital status: “Ms.” when she is unmarried or if her marital status is unknown, or “Mrs.” if you know she’s …

Can we call a girl boss?

He is simply the boss. “Girl Boss” is not the phrase we should tout if we want to be powerful or successful. Female-run businesses are not adorable. Emily Weiss (CEO of Glossier), Leandra Mendine (Founder of Man Repeller) and Maggie Winter (CEO of AYR) call themselves girl bosses. Sophia Amoruso wrote the book.

Can I call my boss maam?

bottom line: Definitely, don’t throw the “ma’am” card every time you interact; your manager has a name so use it. If in doubt, ask someone like your boss, or HR. Don’t rely on your immediate circle of peers to know what’s appropriate.

Why you should not call your boss Sir?

People will think you are weird or taking the piss at them if you address them with something other than their first name. It will also make them feel very, very awkward to be called “sir” and they would certainly voice their objection about it. This has nothing to do with respect.

Is calling someone Sir rude?

If you call someone in their 50’s Sir or Ma’am, you may be insulting them. Most people in their 60’s and 70’s will still understand the reference to respect and appreciate it, but in general terms, the younger a person is, the higher the chance that they’ll take offence to being called by a formal term of address.

Should you call someone sir?

Sir is a word used for respect. If you call someone sir, it means you respect them. Most people find it respectful to call someone sir or madam. But its not compulsory for every person.

Should I say ma’am and Sir?

Answer: (you guessed it) nope! You can say, “Excuse me!” You need not use words like “ma’am” or “sir” to get someone’s attention. Most people will turn around when they hear the words excuse me because it piques their attention. They’re already wondering if you might be addressing them.