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What is the function of Launcelot Gobbo in Scene II?

What is the function of Launcelot Gobbo in Scene II?

-The dramatic function of Lancelot Gobbo is to have comic relief. – His role is effective because he does make the audience laugh but he is problematic because he does take jobs too far.

Why does Launcelot use high sounding words in his conversation with Gobbo?

Launcelot uses high-sounding words in his conversation with Gobbo to impress him that he possesses classical learning and is a gentleman. Shakespeare wants to convey to the audience that habit of some vain people of his time who pretended to be what were not.

What happens in Act 2 Scene 2 of The Merchant of Venice?

Summary: Act II, scene ii Launcelot Gobbo, a servant of Shylock’s, struggles to decide whether or not he should run away from his master. Part of him, which he calls “[t]he fiend . . . at mine elbow,” wants to leave, while his conscience reminds him of his honest nature and urges him to stay (II. ii. 2).

Who brings Lorenzo a letter?

merchant of venice act 1-5

as act 2 opens who wants to prove “whos blood is reddest”? morocco
what is true and perhaps unusual about Jessica’s character in this play she speaks in blank verse
who brings lorenzo the letter from jessica launcelot

Why Antonio is sad?

Why was Antonio sad in Merchant of Venice Act 1 Scene 1​ He said Antonio’s sadness is due to he is aging and he would like to mess with young people like Bassanio. So from this point his love to Bassanio is more like a father to a son. Some say he is sad because Bassanio is going to marry Portia…

What do Portia and Nerissa lack?

Portia says that their husbands will see them in such a dress that they will think they are equipped with qualities of men which they actually lack. Portia bets that being dressed as a man, she would be the smarter of the two (Portia and Nerissa).

How must Portia choose her husband?

Her father’s will states that any would-be husband of Portia’s has to correctly complete a task. The men must choose from three caskets – one is made of gold, one silver and the third, lead. One of the caskets holds a portrait of Portia and whoever chooses this one will become her husband.

What pretext did Portia leave her house?

Under what pretext was Portia leaving her house? Portia was leaving her house under the pretext of spending her days in religious exercises and holy meditation in the company of Nerissa till the return of her husband.

What does Portia tell Nerissa about disclosing her future plan?

Answer: portia is telling to nerissa that they both will be dressed like men and among both of them I will be addressed the better than the Jessica and keep her dagger with braver Grace and speak in between the change of man and boy with hard voice and turns to mincing steps into long steps and the force tell her that …

Who is Portia speaking to what is her plan?

servant Nerissa

What does Portia decide at the end of Act 3?

What dies Portia decide to do at the end of Act III? Portia decides to dress up like a man and go to court for Antonio to help him so that Shylock doesn’t receive the pound of flesh.

How does Nerissa appreciate Portia?

Answer: Nerissa tells Portia to set aside her fears concerning the suitors. She says that they have informed her of their decision to go back home and not to press their courtship further unless Portia’s father’s decree concerning the caskets can be set aside and they may woo her in a way.