What is the Greek version of William?

What is the Greek version of William?


What is the full meaning of William?

It means “resolute protector” or “strong-willed warrior” and comes from Wilhelm, of Old German origin. After the name was introduced to England by William the Conqueror at the time of the Conquest, it gained status as a fashionable moniker.

What is the biblical meaning of the name William?

determined protector

Is William a lucky name?

This name is especially approved for ‘Boys’ Gender. The lucky number for William is ‘William lucky number is 4’….William Name Meaning.

Name: William
Meaning: ‘Strong-willed Warrior’
Pronunciation: ‘WIL-ee-əm/WIL-yəm’
Origin: ‘English’
Lucky Number: ‘William lucky number is 4’

Is William a strong name?

A stalwart for many centuries, William is among the most classic names for boys around the world. Meaning “helmet” or “protection,” William is a strong name with a distinct air of masculinity. It’s a solid boys’ name rich in history.

What are nicknames for William?

It is sometimes abbreviated “Wm.” Shortened familiar versions in English include Will, Willy, Willie, Bill, and Billy. A common Irish form is Liam….William.

Nickname(s) Will, Willy, Willie, Bill, Billy, Liam
Related names Wilhelm, Guillaume, Willian, Guillermo, Guglielmo, Guilherme, Gwilym

How many black people are named William?

The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the name WILLIAM is 80.4% White, 3.5% Hispanic origin, 12.6% Black, 1.5% Asian or Pacific Islander, 1.4% Two or More Races, and 0.6% American Indian or Alaskan Native.

What does William mean in Gaelic?

MEANING: The Irish form of William, originally a German name will + helm””desire + helmet”” and suggests “”strong protector.”” It is currently a very fashionable name in Ireland and across the world. GENDER: Boy | Male. IRISH NAME: William Liam. PRONUNCIATION: ENGLISH: William.

What is the Hebrew name for William?

Hebrew names for “William”

English Name Hebrew Name Click below
1 William Betzalel
2 William Chasya
3 William Gad
4 William Gavriel

Is Liam a good name?

It’s getting so popular, and if you choose William, you can still call him Liam as nickname! I agree with most of y’all. Liam is a very adorable sweet little boy name but as an adult or a young adult it would be a bit diminutive. Liam is a nice Celts Irish short name for William.

Is Liam a trendy name?

For American baby boys, the short form of Uilliam or William has been the most popular choice for three years running, with 20,502 boys named Liam born in the US in 2019 alone. …

How popular is Liam name?

America’s most popular baby names for 2020 revealed It was the fourth year in a row that Liam has topped the boys’ list, with 19,659 babies given that name in 2020.

Is Liam a saint name?

“Liam” is an Irish version of the name “William.” The Catholic Church identifies several saints named William.

Is Liam a Catholic or Protestant name?

I asked him about it & he told me “Liam” is the nickname the Catholic/Irish boys use because William or Will or Billy are used by the Protestant/British kids.

How do you say Liam in Japanese?

That is the name Liam (when pronounced lee-am) in Japanese katakana is リアム with the romaji riamu.

How do you say Jamari in Japanese?

Transcriptions Jamari in Japanese

  1. In katakana: ジャマリー
  2. In hiragana: じゃまりー
  3. In latine letters: JAMARĪ
  4. Fidelity Level: 95.8%
  5. Japanese phonetics: [ dʑamaɽiː ]
  6. Pronunciation in French: djamaliii.

How do you write Liam?

Liam, for an Irish name, is very straightforward to both pronounce and spell. To say it, it’s simply: LEE-um. Lee-um. Liam.

What is Liam Korean?


What is the meaning of Liam in Arabic?

In Arabic, the word لِئْم, with a pronunciation equivalent to the Irish name Liam, means “harmony in opinion or feeling”.