What is the highest SRI Lexile score?

What is the highest SRI Lexile score?

The highest possible measure is 2000L. Anything below 5L is assessed as a BR or Beginning Reader. A book’s Lexile measure is analyzed by MetaMetrics©. After a text is assessed, it is given a measure like that of a student’s readability level, 600L for example.

Is 1300 a good Lexile score?

Lexile measures are represented by a number followed by an “L” (such as “800L”) and range from below 0L for beginning readers to above 1600L. Research shows that 1300L or above is the target Lexile measure for students to be ready for college and career in reading.

What is Sri Lexile score?

The Lexile measure is a reading ability or text difficulty score followed by an “L” (e.g., “850L”). SRI uses the developmental Lexile scale for texts ranging from 100L for beginning readers (BR) to above 1500L for advanced readers. Lexile measures are the most widely adopted reading measures in use today.

What are Sri scores?

SRI results are reported on a Lexile® scale, which is a developmental scale interpretable across grade levels. The Lexile score that a student receives indicates the most difficult text a student can comprehend with 75% or greater accuracy.

What is a good Sri score?

High School SRI Scores For 10th-graders, a score of 1080L to 1260L is proficient and 1265L and above is advanced. For 11th- and 12th-graders, a score between 1185L and 1385L is proficient and a score of 1390L and above is advanced. A minimum reading level of 1385L is considered to be college- and career-ready.

What is 12th grade Lexile level?

To begin, Lexile score ranges vary depending on grade level. A proficient first grader would score between 200L and 300L, while an adequate reader in the 12th grade would earn a score in the range of 1060L and 1320L.

What is a good Lexile score for a 8th grader?

Reading Status Norms (RIT Values and Lexile Levels)
Grade Beginning-of-Year Lexile Range
7 215.4 975-1025
8 219.0 1050-1075
9 220.9 1100-1125

What is the average Sri score for an 8th grader?

Students in the eighth grade should aim for scores between 1010L and 1185L to be proficient. Eighth-graders who score 1190L and above are advanced.

High School SRI Scores. Ninth-graders should ideally be between 1050L and 1260L to be considered proficient with scores of 12065L and above considered advanced. For 10th-graders, a score of 1080L to 1260L is proficient and 1265L and above is advanced.

What is a Sri score?

The Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) is a criterion-referenced test intended to measure reading comprehension and match students to text so they can read with confidence and control. Results from SRI are reported as scale scores ( Lexile  measures). The scale goes from Beginning Reader (less than 100L) to 1500L.

What is Sri testing?

The SRI test is a computer-adaptive test based on the Lexile Framework, a reading measure that matches students to text, taken in a low-pressure setting with no time constraints. Teachers can use their students’ scholastic reading inventory scores to monitor progress and set goals.