What is the meaning of Actif?

What is the meaning of Actif?

adjective. active [adjective] energetic or lively; able to work etc.

What is Genereux in English?

[ʒeneʀø ] Word forms: généreux, généreuse. adjective. generous.

Why do people use the word via?

“Via” is a preposition that means “through” or “by way of” or “by means of.” So you can use it in place of any of these words/phrases. For example, “I flew to Paris via London” OR “You can watch the live presentation on TV via the theater’s camera system” OR “I will send you the file via email.”

Can you use the word via in an essay?

There is nothing wrong with the word “via,” and in fact I personally have a weakness for it: sometimes it just feels more elegant and specific than alternatives like “through” or “by means of.” I also, however, have a weakness for a lot of somewhat archaic phrases, due to spending a lot of my childhood reading old …

How do you use VIA and by?

‘Via’ is specifically about the route you take from one place to another. ‘By’ has lots of uses. If you are talking about journeys it’s usually to indicate the mode of transport. ‘I travelled by train .

Is there an A after Via?

If you look at the Merriam-Webster dictionary, two of the example usages for via are as follows: He did some research via computer. We went home via a shortcut. So the second example shows you can certainly use a after via.

Is via grammatically correct?

Both are grammatically correct and easily understood. If there are multiple surveys you can also say “via surveys” or “via three different surveys”, etc. None are better than the others, it’s your choice which one to use. This n-gram shows that “via survey” and “via a survey” are nearly equal in usage in books.

What does via cell phone mean?

1 having freedom of movement; movable. 2 changing quickly in expression. a mobile face. 3 (Sociol) (of individuals or social groups) moving within and between classes, occupations, and localities.

Can we talk over the phone meaning?

The phrase “over the phone” means that something is done using the phone as a way to do it. [=she used the phone to tell him the news rather than telling him in a letter or in person]

What does on the phone mean?

If you say that someone is on the phone, you mean that they are speaking to someone by phone. She’s always on the phone, wanting to know what I’ve been up to.

What means via email?

When you say “via email” it means by use of email. Example: “Send me your report via email” – Send me your report by use of email or by email. Using via is less common than by. You can use both of these prepositions.

Is Via Email correct?

“Via” meaning “through the medium of” is also correct in “via email”, as is “by email”. In medicine the use of “per” meaning “by or through the means of” is common, for instance, “per the bloodstream”.

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