What is the meaning of apparent in a sentence?

What is the meaning of apparent in a sentence?

readily seen; exposed to sight; open to view; visible: The crack in the wall was readily apparent. capable of being easily perceived or understood; plain or clear; obvious: The solution to the problem was apparent to all.

What’s another word for apparent?

Some common synonyms of apparent are clear, distinct, evident, manifest, obvious, patent, and plain.

What is the opposite word for apparent?

What is the opposite of apparent?

invisible sightless
inconspicuous obscure
unapparent disguised
obscured inappreciable
concealed indistinguishable

What is another word for blatant?

Some common synonyms of blatant are boisterous, clamorous, obstreperous, strident, and vociferous.

What is opposite of blatant?

blatant. Antonyms: quiet, low-toned, gentle. Synonyms: noisy, bellowing, vociferous, clamorous, braying.

What is another word for bluntly?

What is another word for bluntly?

frankly candidly
honestly directly
openly plainly
truthfully forthrightly
straightforwardly actually

How do you describe a blunt person?

The definition of blunt is someone who speaks in a direct, often rude way or something with a dull edge or point. An example of blunt is a man telling his wife she looks fat in the dress she’s wearing. adjective.

What are some blunt words?

Some common synonyms of blunt are bluff, brusque, crusty, curt, and gruff. While all these words mean “abrupt and unceremonious in speech and manner,” blunt suggests directness of expression in disregard of others’ feelings.

Is it rude to be blunt?

You can often be perceived as being blunt when really you’re just being direct. Being blunt is being honest, but often in a rude or even aggressive manner. Being direct on the other hand is being honest and genuine whilst maintaining a respectful and diplomatic way.

Can you be blunt and not rude?

Being blunt does not mean being overtly inconsiderate. If you say something without considering how it will affect another person – or say it and not care – then you’re not being blunt; you’re just mean. Even if it’s not sugarcoated, “bluntness” is not the way to excuse disrespect.

Is being blunt a good trait?

Being blunt is not a bad thing. There are some people who call themselves ‘blunt’ when they’re really being rude and tactless.

What does being blunt mean in text?

adjective. If you are blunt, you say exactly what you think without trying to be polite.

What is the opposite of being blunt?

Opposite of the characteristic of being blunt. dissembling. dissimulation. indirection. mendacity.

What is a blunt in Old English?

blunt (adj.) Or from Old English blinnan (past participle blon) “to stop, cease, come to an end.” Of tools or weapons, “not sharp, without edge or point,” late 14c. Meaning “abrupt of speech or manner” is from 1580s. Late 18c. Scottish writers used blunty (n.) for “stupid fellow.”