What is the meaning of comment sa va?

What is the meaning of comment sa va?

Comment ça va? (How’s it going?) “Comment ça va?” (“How’s it going?”) is basically an informal version of “Comment allez-vous?” and you should expect a similar response. As this greeting is an informal way of asking “how are you?” you should use it with friends.

How do you respond to comment ca va in French?

As with English, French people tend to reply to Ça va? with a positive response – Bien, or Bien, merci – much the same way as we would use fine in English. The following responses are polite enough for a new acquaintance, but general enough for a good friend, too: Très bien, merci. Very well, thank you.

What is sa va bien?

I am doing well, Are you doing well?

What is the accent under AC in French called?

La cédille. The little hook ¸ added under the letter c in French is a diacritical mark known as a cedilla, une cédille. The letter c with the hook ç is called c cédille. The sole purpose of the cedilla is to change a hard c, pronounced [k], to a soft c, pronounced [s].

What is the Alt code for O with an accent?

List of Alt Codes for entering characters with accents

Uppercase Lowercase
Alt Codes Symbol Description
Alt 0211 Ó o acute
Alt 0212 Ô o circumflex
Alt 0213 Õ o tilde

How do you type accents with alt codes?

To type accents with ALT codes, hold down the ALT key, then on the numeric keypad (not the row of numbers across the top of your keyboard) type the three or four digits listed here. When you release the ALT key, the character will appear.

How do you do alt codes with accents?

Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard. Whilst still holding on to the Alt key, press the character’s alt code. For example, to type e with an acute accent (é), press and hold the Alt key, then type the alt code 0233 on the numeric keypad.

How do you type special characters without numpad?

  1. You must engage the keypad. Find and hold the fn key and press the Num Lock key. On my laptop it is located on the Scroll Lock key. A little led bulb should light to show that the keypad function is engaged.
  2. Now you can type in the alt symbols ALT + Fn + MJ89 = ½ symbol.