What is the meaning of conscious?

What is the meaning of conscious?

1 : capable of or marked by thought, will, design, or perception : relating to, being, or being part of consciousness the conscious mind conscious and unconscious processes. 2 : having mental faculties undulled by sleep, faintness, or stupor became conscious after the anesthesia wore off.

Why is conscience pronounced differently?

1 Answer. The reason boils down to English stress patterns. Science is stressed on its first syllable and the vowel/diphthong in stressed syllable is strong so it’s pronounced /ˈsaɪ.

What are 4 levels of consciousness?

It is my observation that individuals and organizations move into and out of the four states of consciousness: unconscious unreality, conscious unreality, unconscious reality, and conscious reality. At differing points in time we live, move, and have our being in one of these levels of awareness.

Is self conscious a word?

Use the adjective self-conscious to describe someone who is ill at ease or uncomfortable with himself. The word first meant “conscious of one’s own action” when it emerged in the 1680’s, and by 1830’s it had come to mean “preoccupied with one’s own personality.”

Why is responsiveness needed for life?

Responsiveness is an extremely important necessary life function. For instance, if you cut your hand open on a razor blade, your body produces a reflex and you involuntarily pull your hand away from the razor. You don’t have to think about it, your body just naturally pulls your hand away.

What’s another word for responsiveness?

What is another word for responsiveness?

alertness approachability
receptivity sensitivity
acceptance broad-mindedness
interest observance
receptiveness tolerance

What is the opposite of responsiveness?

Antonyms: insensitive, unresponsive, refractory. Synonyms: reactive, antiphonal. reactive, responsive(adj)