What is the meaning of Hells Bells?

What is the meaning of Hells Bells?

‘Hell’s bells’ is an expression of anger or annoyance.

What is Hells Bells drug?

Common names for Datura stramonium vary by region and include thornapple, moon flower, hell’s bells, devil’s trumpet, devil’s weed, tolguacha, Jamestown weed, stinkweed, locoweed, pricklyburr, false castor oil plant, and devil’s cucumber.

What note is the bell in Hells Bells?

The bell used by the band was a 2000 pound cast bronze bell made by John Taylor Bellfounders in Loughborough. The bell used in the song is pitched to the note ‘A.

Is Hells Bell a metal?

“Hell’s Bells” originally appeared on the 1980 album Back in Black. It was to become their most popular album, firmly establishing the Australian rockers’ place in the pantheon of the most influential and distinctive heavy metal bands.

What genre is Hells Bells?


Who made Hells Bells?

Brian Johnson

Did Bon Scott play drums?

Scott formed his first band, the Spektors, in 1964 and became the band’s drummer and occasional lead vocalist. He performed in several other bands, including the Valentines and Fraternity, before replacing Dave Evans as the lead singer of AC/DC in 1974.

What year did thunderstruck come out?


What killed Bon Scott?


Who made thunderstruck?

Angus Young

When did Shook Me All Night Long come out?


What instruments are in You Shook Me All Night Long?


  • Brian Johnson – lead vocals.
  • Angus Young – lead guitar.
  • Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals.
  • Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals.
  • Phil Rudd – drums.

What movie is Shook Me All Night Long in?

Maximum Overdrive

Who sang You Shook Me All Night Long?


Who Wrote You Shook Me by Led Zeppelin?

Willie Dixon

Who sang all night long baby all night long?

“All Night Long (All Night)” is a hit single by American singer Lionel Richie from 1983.

Who sang all right now?


What year was free all right now?


Who sang the song All Right Now by Free?

Who played in the band free?


  • Paul Rodgers – lead vocals (1968–1971, 1972–1973), keyboards, piano (1972), guitar (1972)
  • Paul Kossoff (died 1976) – guitar (1968–1971, 1972, 1972–1973)
  • Andy Fraser (died 2015) – bass guitar (1968–1971, 1972), keyboards, piano (1968–1971)
  • Simon Kirke – drums, percussion (1968–1971, 1972–1973)

Is Adam Lambert still with Queen?

The band said, “We wish to make it clear. None of the shows from 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled, just re-arranged due to COVID-19. We really do hope that as many people as possible who were booked for those original dates in 2020 will still be able to join us for the shows.”

Who is the guitarist in free?

Wendell Richardson

How old is Jimmy Page now?

77 years (January 9, 1944)

Who did Jimmy Page marry?

Jimena Gómez-Paratcham. 1995–2008

How old is Peter Frampton now?

71 years (April 22, 1950)

Does Jimmy Page have a son?

James Patrick Page III

Does Jimmy Page have grandchildren?

Griffin Brownvia Scarlet Page

How old is Robert Plant now?

72 years (August 20, 1948)

How old is Jeff Beck?

77 years (June 24, 1944)