What is the meaning of regular?

What is the meaning of regular?

1a : constituted, conducted, scheduled, or done in conformity with established or prescribed usages, rules, or discipline. 2a : recurring, attending, or functioning at fixed, uniform, or normal intervals a regular income a regular churchgoer regular bowel movements. b : orderly, methodical regular habits.

What is the correct spelling of regular?

Correct spelling for the English word “regular” is [ɹˈɛɡjuːlə], [ɹˈɛɡjuːlə], [ɹ_ˈɛ_ɡ_j_uː_l_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What are the other forms of regular?


  • constant,
  • frequent,
  • habitual,
  • periodic,
  • periodical,
  • repeated,
  • steady.

Does regular mean daily?

every day = more of a statement of fact to describe when something is done. And, regularly does not exactly mean daily or everyday because regularly just means a constant frequency or habit.

What is difference between daily and everyday?

As adjectives the difference between everyday and daily is that everyday is appropriate for ordinary use, rather than for special occasions while daily is quotidian, that occurs every day, or at least every working day.

Who is a regular person?

Regular is defined as someone or something that is standard, average, orderly or usual person or thing or something that is done habitually. An example of regular is a woman five feet five inches tall; the regular, average height for a woman.

What does being a regular guy mean?

The Urban Dictionary defines a regular guy as “a guy who is humble, down-to-earth, open and honest, easy to get along with, and generally well-versed about all the usual things people do. Someone who isn’t power-hungry, arrogant, super competitive, insecure, or egotistical.

What is the opposite of regular?

Antonym of Regular Word. Antonym. Regular. Irregular. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is opposite of afraid?

“Henderson faces war like Horatio on the bridge, unflinching and unafraid to deal with the consequences of violence.”…What is the opposite of afraid?

unafraid brave
courageous inapprehensive
intrepid undaunted
undismayed bold
fearless unworried

What’s another word for good friend?


What defines a true friend?

The definition of a true friendship is someone who has your back, no matter what. They watch out for you and ensure you are not in danger. They will never purposely lead you into making decisions that aren’t good for you. A true friendship will always have your best interest at heart.

What are five attributes of a true friendship?

So, having said all that, here are my updated Five Characteristics of Friendship:

  • Being Myself. It’s not about how often we get to see each other, it’s the quality time we share together.
  • Enjoying Each Other’s Company. I think this is the most important one for me right now.
  • Honesty.
  • Genuine Care.
  • Trust.

What are signs of good friendship?

Signs of a good friend

  • is there for you, no matter what.
  • doesn’t judge you.
  • doesn’t put you down or deliberately hurt your feelings.
  • is kind and respectful to you.
  • is someone whose company you enjoy.
  • is loyal.
  • is trustworthy and willing to tell you the truth, even when it’s hard for you to hear.
  • laughs with you.

What are the values of friendship?

Here is what you have to do if you want to turn an aquaintance into a friend and a friend into a close friend. The eight key qualities you must demonstrate are: priority, self-disclosure, touch, affection, loyalty, independence, acceptance, and willingness to change. It’s not simple is it? Friends take time.