What is the meaning of scheisse?

What is the meaning of scheisse?

Scheiße → damn, crud, crap, shit.

Is scheisse a bad word?

It is Germany’s universal swear word. Therefore, it can be used for basically anything. ‘Scheisse’ is always the right answer. By the way: Its actual spelling is ‘Scheiße’, meaning it includes that weird-ass letter ‘ß’ the Germans seem to love so much.

What does it mean if you are Softish?

1. softish – somewhat soft. semisoft. soft – yielding readily to pressure or weight.

What does shiza mean in German?


What does Swinehound mean?

noun. A despicable, troublesome, or unpleasant person; compare schweinhund , swine-dog .

What words do British use?

20 Common British Slang Words

  • Fit (adj) So, in the UK fit doesn’t just mean that you go to the gym a lot.
  • Loo (noun)
  • Dodgy (adj)
  • Proper (adj)
  • Knackered (adj)
  • Quid (noun)
  • Skint (noun)
  • To Skive (verb) Skiver (noun)

Can you be 100% English?

Just one or two people are 100 per cent British reckons DNA expert, Brad Argent, who recently came to the fore after video The DNA Journey went viral. In fact, according to recent research the average UK resident is just 36.94 per cent British, 21.59 per cent Irish and 19.91 per cent French/German.

What is ot UK slang?

OT – ‘out trapping’, ‘out there’ or ‘out of town’, away on business, dealing in urban or country locations.

What is OT slang for?

OT means “Off Topic”.

What is OT in rap songs?

“OT” is Toronto slang for “out of town”

What does GBG mean UK?


Acronym Definition
GBG Guild of Battlefield Guides (UK)
GBG Guided by God (MLM company)
GBG Great Big Grin
GBG Gay Boy Gangsters (prison gang)

What does GBG mean on Snapchat?

good night

What does GBG mean in Chicago?

Gay Boy Gangsters (prison gang) GBG. Game Breaking Glitch (gaming) showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 17 definitions)

Where is GBG?


Gothenburg Göteborg
Nicknames: Little London Gbg New Amsterdam The front side of Sweden
Gothenburg Location within Västra Götaland Show map of Västra Götaland Show map of Southern Sweden Show map of Sweden Show all
Coordinates: 57°42′N 11°58′ECoordinates: 57°42′N 11°58′E
Country Sweden