What is the meaning of sheer wickedness?

What is the meaning of sheer wickedness?

​the fact of being attractive although you know something is slightly bad or wrong. the sheer wickedness of a chocolate muffin.

What is another name for wickedness?

Wickedness Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for wickedness?

evil sin
iniquity sinfulness
badness depravity
wrong wrongdoing
evilness immorality

What else might you describe as sheer?

sheer Add to list Share. If your curtains allow light to pass through, they’re sheer, or see-through. Sheer can also describe something steep, like a cliff, or anything extreme, like sheer nerve. Climbing a sheer cliff is almost impossible. If your car sheers, it swerves sharply, and you might crash.

Does the word sheer mean?

adjective, sheer·er, sheer·est. extending down or up very steeply; almost completely vertical: a sheer descent of rock. British Obsolete. bright; shining.

What type of word is sheer?

sheer adjective (EXTREME)

How do you use the word sheer?

sheer adjective (COMPLETE)

  1. It was sheer chance that we met.
  2. I’ve got where I am through sheer hard work.
  3. My time in prison was sheer hell.
  4. Words could not convey the sheer terror of the experience.
  5. People danced in the streets out of sheer joy.

What is an example of sheer?

Sheer is defined as a very thin, or extremely steep. An example of sheer is the veil covering the face of a bride on her wedding day. An example of sheer is the front of a cliff that goes straight up and down.

What is a good sentence for sheer?

1. The date went sheer out of my head. 2. It was sheer luck that we met like that.

What is the meaning of sheer beauty?

adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] You can use sheer to emphasize that a state or situation is complete and does not involve or is not mixed with anything else. [emphasis]

What does sheer joy mean?

sheer adjective (EXTREME) used to emphasize how strong a feeling or quality is: a look of sheer delight/joy.

What does sheer amount mean?

adjective. Learner’s definition of SHEER. 1. always used before a noun — used to emphasize the large amount, size, or degree of something. The sheer amount of work was staggering.

What is sheer color?

2 (of textiles) so fine as to be transparent. 3 prenominal absolute; unmitigated.

What is the difference between shear and sheer?

Shear is used as a verb meaning to cut or clip hair or wool. It is sometimes used as a noun meaning the act of cutting of the hair or wool or something that is cut off. Sheer may be an adjective, adverb or a verb. When it is an adjective, it means very thin and transparent, or it means steep.

What does mendacity mean in English?

English Language Learners Definition of mendacity formal : lack of honesty : the condition of being mendacious.

What is a flippant compliment?

The definition of flippant is disrespectful or the lack of a serious attitude. An example of flippant is when you make a sarcastic comment in response to a serious question.

Is silly a synonym for flippant?

What is another word for flippant?

frivolous carefree
casual foolish
indecorous punning
ludicrous silly
sardonic nonserious

Does flippant mean frivolous?

Flippant: not showing a serious or respectful attitude. Frivolous: not having any serious purpose or value.

Is Flip short for flippant?

Notes: Today’s Good Word is rather ordinary except for its perfect synonymy with a part of itself, flip, which means the same thing as flippant (see Word History for the reason). The adverb is flippantly and the noun, flippancy.

Is frivolous a bad word?

The word frivolous is applied to things that don’t deserve serious attention—though in some cases a thing described as “frivolous” is serious enough to be a legal matter. The word frivolous gets more serious when it’s applied, as it often is, to legal matters.

What is a frivolous woman?

1 adj If you describe someone as frivolous, you mean they behave in a silly or light-hearted way, rather than being serious and sensible.

What is another word for frivolous?

SYNONYMS FOR frivolous 3 idle, silly, foolish, childish, puerile. 4 light, trifling, petty, paltry, trivial, flimsy.

What are frivolous things?

Frivolous things are silly or unnecessary. If something is frivolous, then you don’t need it. Frivolous things are goofy, useless, or just plain dumb. The word is often used to describe lawsuits.