What is the meaning of spell it out?

What is the meaning of spell it out?

​informalto say or explain something very clearly because someone has not understood something. spell something out to/for someone: It’s frustrating when you have to spell everything out for them. Synonyms and related words.

What does this word mean I’m going to spell it out?

Fig. to give all the details of something. I want you to understand this completely, so I’m going to spell it out very carefully.

Do I really need to spell it out?

Do I have to spell it out (for you)? An annoyed response to someone who does not understand what the speaker is alluding to, especially when the speaker believes it should be obvious.

What does have it out mean?

phrase. If you have it out or have things out with someone, you discuss a problem or disagreement very openly with them, even if it means having an argument, because you think this is the best way to solve the problem.

What is the idiom of had it out?

have it out (with someone) To have an argument, verbal fight, or frank discussion (with someone), especially to settle something that has caused anger, frustration, or annoyance.

What does have me out mean?

To rescue, remove, or extricate someone from a troublesome, difficult, unpleasant, or burdensome situation or circumstance. I hope my friend finds a way of getting me out of this stupid dinner party.

What does hear you out mean?

How did the phrase “hear you out” or “hear me out” come about? The phrase means “listen to whatever I have to say before you pass judgment on me,” or “tell me whatever you want; I don’t mind and won’t pass judgment on you.”

What does get me out of here mean?

Meaning/Usage: Common way to express disbelief. Explanation: You are not telling someone to literally get out. This is a common idiomatic phrase to express disbelief.

Is saying get out rude?

In short, yes. It’s rude. It’s pretentious, condescending behaviour to correct someone’s SPOKEN English, unless they ask you to.

What does out to get me mean?

out to get someone (not comparable) Deliberately committed or designed to causing problems for another person. The supervisor keeps telling me off. He’s out to get me.

What type of sentence is this get out of here?

(idiomatic, informal) An exclamation of disbelief. Did she really say that? Get out of here!

Is get out from here correct?

Senior Member. When I was learning grammar 10 years ago, teacher told us no preposition before words “here” and “there”. So “get out here” is correct while you can’t say “get out of here”.

What does get out of town mean?

Get out of town is a phrase used to express disbelief at a comment, and meant for the opposite party to get their facts straight.

What does get out of mean?

1 : to avoid doing (something) I didn’t want to go to the lecture, but I couldn’t get out of it. He tried to get out of doing his homework. 2 : to stop having (a habit) I used to exercise every day, but I got out of the habit.

What is the meaning of get going?

get something going. Start something, get something into full swing. For example, Once we get production going we’ll have no more problems.

What is the phrasal verb of get out of?

Get out = to escape a place (intransitive) When someone or something leaves a place, sometimes by escaping when they were not supposed to leave. Synonyms are flee or run away. The horse got out because I left the stable door open. The criminals got out of town before anyone knew they had escaped.

Is get out one word?

GET OUT (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the phrasal verb of right out?

come (right) out and say something: We were all thinking he’d made a mistake, but nobody would come out and say it.

What is another word for getting out?

In this page you can discover 46 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for get out, like: go, exit, break out, depart, begone, get by, get around, skedaddle, flee, leave and get.

What’s another word for comfort zone?

What is another word for comfort zone?

safe place sanctuary
refuge retreat
hideaway asylum
haven safe haven
shelter hideout

What is the antonym of get out?

What is the opposite of get out?

come enter
stay arrive
show up turn up

What is another word for break free?

What is another word for break free?

escape flee
cut loose break away
disentangle yourself break out of
break with break loose
get free burst out

How do you say get out in English?

  1. decamp,
  2. depart,
  3. elope,
  4. exit,
  5. go,
  6. leave,
  7. move,
  8. pull out,

What is another word for got into?

What is another word for got into?

made progressed to
pierced slipped into
opened gained entry
hacked into gained entry into
made way into attained a place in

What does attained mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to reach as an end : gain, achieve attain a goal. 2 : to come into possession of : obtain he attained preferment over his fellows.