What is the meaning of the phrase just-in-time?

What is the meaning of the phrase just-in-time?

Just-in-time refers to inventory arriving or being produced immediately before shipment or the next process. Just-in-time manufacturing or ordering methods avoid waste by producing or sending goods as they are needed rather than holding large stocks.

What does JHIT mean?

Definition. JHIT. Junior High Invitational Tournament. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

What does JHIT mean on TikTok?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Just in Time
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 3: Guessable
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What does JIT mean on TikTok?

just in time

Is on fleek still cool?

According to the Alan Turing Institute in London, where data trends from the Urban Dictionary were analyzed, strong evidence shows that “On fleek” and “selfie” simply are not cool anymore and are on the way out.

What words do Millennials use?

  • Bae. My bae, your bae, you are bae.
  • On Fleek. You will normally hear the term “On fleek” when someone is referring to eyebrows.
  • Shade. No this isn’t the shade like in makeup.
  • Sipping Tea. After you throw shade you sip your tea.
  • Basic.
  • Slay.
  • Yaaaas.
  • Turnt.

How do you say cool in 2021?

#9 Dope – Dope is still dope.

What do blood members call each other?

Bloods members also have a distinctive slang. They greet each other using the word “Blood” and often avoid using words with the letter “C”.

How do you respond to sup blood?

The answer to “‘Sup,” depends on the context, the way it’s delivered, the deliverer him or herself, and the deliveree….”sup” is basically “what’s up?” which is basically “what’s new?”, the most common replies are:

  1. “not much. Yourself?”,
  2. “hey!”,
  3. “sup?”, or.
  4. a news you wanted to share.

What does it mean to slime a girl?

Slime is slang for friend, brother, mate, homie, son and other similar terms.

What does slatt ? mean in texting?

Slime Love All the Time

Do Crips say slime?

Yea crips can say slime. Slime is family. Slime don’t just represent the 5 point star.

What does slime mean in reading?

Acronym. Definition. SLIME. Superior Lisp Interaction Mode Extended.

What does the M in slime stand for?

Idea or Message

Is slatt Blood or Crip?

From Google search: Slatt(noun) a slab of stone used as a veneer for coarse masonry. More here: What does slatt mean? It’s an overused gang sign used by the NY Vado and Bloods. It has lost much of its influence due to cringy tik tok kids using it to try to look cool.