What is the meaning of the word affectionately?

What is the meaning of the word affectionately?

1 : feeling or showing affection or warm regard : loving affectionate friends an affectionate nickname. 2 : motivated by affection : tender affectionate care. 3 obsolete : inclined, disposed.

What is another word for affectionately?

What is another word for affectionately?

kindly thoughtfully
tenderly considerately
generously lovingly
helpfully compassionately
indulgently obligingly

Does affectionate mean friendly?

having great affection or love; warmly attached; loving: your affectionate brother.

What is the sentence of affectionately?

1. She affectionately ruffled his hair with her hand as she passed. 2. He thumped my shoulder affectionately, nearly knocking me over.

What is the example of affection?

The definition of affection is love, or a fond attachment for something or something. A mother hugging her child, a cat cuddling with his owner and a husband bringing flowers for his wife are each an example of affection. A tender feeling toward another; fondness.

What are words of affection?

other words for affection

  • closeness.
  • desire.
  • emotion.
  • kindness.
  • love.
  • passion.
  • sentiment.
  • tenderness.

Do guys mean what they say when they are angry?

No, they don’t really mean what they say out of hurt or anger. They’re just reacting to all the emotions tossing around inside them. Sometimes a person just takes out their hurt on the closest person around them at the time so they can feel better.

Can you love someone and still hurt you?

Love is closely connected with vulnerability: the ability to hurt and to be hurt. Although some kinds of hurt in love are intended, most of them are not. Nevertheless, someone who deliberately hurts another person can simultaneously claim to love that person.

Why do people hurt the ones they love?

We hurt the one we love for several reasons: 1) Unconscious re-creation of emotional trauma – we all experience various degrees of emotional hurt and trauma growing up. Unfortunately, we form part of our identities around whatever we experience, be it love, distance, drama, or verbal or physical abuse.

Why you should never go back to the person who hurt you?

A loving heart can forgive and forget easily even if the person has hurt us to the level that can break us. The idea of leaving that person makes us sad and depressed and to avoid those feelings we forgive the person and go back to them because it makes us feel happy with them, like nobody else could make us feel.

Can u fall in love with the same person twice?

Yes, indeed it is true, love happens only once but it can happen again and again with the same person. As odd as it may sound, I loved a guy twice. I was in a relationship with a guy for three years. We were happy together but after we celebrated our three years anniversary, things started fading.

Does true love forgive anything?

True Love forgives at all time When you truly love someone, you will always forgive them whenever they hurt your feelings. If so, then you truly love him/her. True love forgives even before a partner apologizes. Not for any other reason, but because the love is genuine.