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What is the meaning of the word eating?

What is the meaning of the word eating?

1 : to take in through the mouth as food : ingest, chew, and swallow in turn. 2a : to destroy, consume, or waste by or as if by eating expenses ate up the profits gadgets that eat up too much space.

What is the suffix ate?

-ate. noun suffix (2) Definition of -ate (Entry 4 of 6) 1 : office : function : rank : group of persons holding a (specified) office or rank or having a (specified) function vicarate. 2 : state : dominion : jurisdiction emirate khanate.

Whats does G mean?

noun. short for “gangster” or “gangsta.” Used in greeting to a friend or associate.

What is the opposite of old school?

Near Antonyms for old-school. fresh, new.

What are old school words?

52 Old School Slang Words We Should Bring Back In 2018

  • Totally rad: Awesome, cool.
  • Home skillet: A term of endearment for your close friend.
  • Trippin’: Crazy, messed up.
  • As if: Ever seen Clueless?
  • Buggin’: Worried, nervous, freaking out.
  • Talk to the hand: Dismissing someone with attitude.
  • Crib: Your home.

Do people say stoked anymore?

“Stoked” The go-to of excited ’90s skaters around the world, saying “stoked” today does little more than tell people you’re old enough to remember Reagan’s first term in office.

What does the O in VSCO stand for?

VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company. It is an app that was created in California in 2011. The app lets pictures look like they were taken with a film camera.

What does VSCO girl mean?

What does it mean to be a VSCO girl? The term is used to describe female teenagers who dress and act in a certain manner that is virtually indistinguishable from one another, both online and in real life.

What soft girl means?

What does soft girl mean? Soft girl is a fashion style, popular among some young women on social media, based on a deliberately cutesy, feminine look. It often features pink and yellow colors, floral and heart patterns, oversized sweaters and plaid skirts, and heavy blush makeup.