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What is the meaning of the word timid A apprehensive B Happy C lively d still?

What is the meaning of the word timid A apprehensive B Happy C lively d still?

lacking in self-assurance, courage, or bravery; easily alarmed; timorous; shy.

Which word is nearly opposite in meaning as defile as used in the passage 1 point I disparage II forgery III robbery IV sanctify?

The correct answers according to the passage are – a) The opposite word of defile is Sanctify. Defile means doing foul, dirty, or unclean things.

What is the synonym of acrimony?

acrimony. Synonyms: sharpness, bitterness, sourness, causticity, acerbity, asperity, tartness, ill-feeling, hostility, animosity. Antonyms: smoothness, courtesy, mildness, blandness, pleasantness, friendship, amiability.

What is acrimony mean?

: anger and bitterness : harsh or biting sharpness especially of words, manner, or feelings The dispute continued with increased acrimony.

What is another word for acrostic?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for acrostic, like: acronym, composition, puzzle, wordplay, cipher, phrase, word-square, missaying, amphiboly, dvandva and logogriph.

What OS The full form of NASA?

NASA tested two SR-71 aircraft. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA was started on October 1, 1958, as a part of the United States government. NASA is in charge of U.S. science and technology that has to do with airplanes or space.

Does IQ have periods?

Recently there has occurred a tendency to shove the letters of such a complex abbreviation together without periods or spaces, as in “BBC”, “IBM”, or “IQ”. This is regrettable though as it implies that the letters together form one word, in these cases the words “bubbuk”, “ibbum”, and “ik”.

What is the difference between initialism and acronym?

An abbreviation is a truncated word; an acronym is made up of parts of the phrase it stands for and is pronounced as a word (ELISA, AIDS, GABA); an initialism is an acronym that is pronounced as individual letters (DNA, RT-PCR). Do not introduce an abbreviation in a heading. …

Is Dr an initialism?

According to Dictionary.com, an abbreviation is a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to represent the whole, as Dr. for Doctor, U.S. for United States, lb. for pound. Initialisms and acronyms are two types of abbreviations that are used to shorten phrases.