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What is the moral of the story the blue umbrella?

What is the moral of the story the blue umbrella?

I personally felt that the main theme of the story is to keep others happy by doling out the things that you love most. It is tough to renounce the things that we love. In this novel, the lead character is Binya – a small girl from hills. The Blue Umbrella is a very short novel by Ruskin Bond.

When was the blue umbrella published?


Why was Binya so desperate to get back her umbrella?

Why was Binya so desperate to get back her umbrella? Binya is a young independent and brave girl . Binya can”t afford to loose sight of her umbrella that is coloured with depths of skies. she gifts the blue umbrella to him, so that people can again start coming to his shop.

How did Binya get the blue umbrella?

Binya got the blue umbrella in exchange for her necklace. Que2.

Why did Ram Bharosa think the umbrella was useless for Binya?

But Binya refuses to part away with her prized valuable. Realizing that his master Ram Bharose won’t be able to gain the umbrella, his servant Rajaram plans to steal the umbrella for his master.

What makes Binya’s umbrella so special?

Answer. Binya’s umbrella was blue. She had traded her tiger claw pendant for the umbrella from a tourist. She carried it everywhere and the colour had faded to a pale, milky blue hue and the cloth was patched in several places.

What is the genre of the blue umbrella?


What is blue umbrella?

It was formed out of the American division of the Umbrella Corporation, an international pharmaceutical company that went bankrupt in 2003. To differentiate it from its predecessor, its logo was given a blue hue and nicknamed “Blue Umbrella”, separating it from the red-hued “Red” Umbrella.

How many pages are there in blue umbrella?

15 pages

Where is the story the blue umbrella set?


Do you think Binya did the right thing by risking her life to get her umbrella back why why not?

Answer: No, Binya didn’t did the right thing by risking her life to get her umbrella back. Explanation: She didn’t did the right thing as our life is valuable as compared to a blue umbrella.

How do we know that the blue umbrella was something that Binya treasured?

Binya loves wandering over the mountains and in the distant valleys. One day when she comes across some picnickers from the city, she exchanges her tiger-claw pendant for a blue umbrella that they have.

What was the most difficult task for Binya?

What was ‘the most difficult task’? The most difficult task was to get the umbrella out of the tree trunk.

How did the blue umbrella feel when it started to rain?

How did the blue umbrella feel when it started to rain? He feel sad raining. He was angry.

What would Binya have fled from?

Answer. Answer: for tourists from all over India.

Who was Ram Bharosa Why would Binya and Bijju visit him?

Answer: Ram Bharosa was the shopkeeper of a tea stall on the Tehri road. Binya and bijju would visit him to buy toffees from his shop.

How did Binya feel when she Learnt that everyone in the village coveted her blue umbrella?

Answer: binya felt when she learnt that everyone in the village coveted her blue umbrella she became very excited and happy and cheerful.

How did the sleeping girl chase the umbrella?

Binya sat down in the shade of the umbrella. She put her head on her arm, and soon went off to sleep. It was that kind of warm, summer sleepy day. It lifted the umbrella and took it about six feet from the sleeping girl.

Where did Binya get the umbrella from?

In a small village called Garhwal lives a young girl, Binya. In the village, Ram Bharosa keeps an old shop and sells Coca-Cola with no ice, tea, curd and sweets. One day, Binya receives a beautiful blue umbrella by some foreigners in exchange for her leopard claw pendant.

What did Binya exchange in return for the blue umbrella?

Binya is a little girl who is the protagonist of the story ‘The Blue Umbrella’. She is smitten by a blue umbrella which was owned by a rich girl. She manages to get the umbrella in exchange of an old tiger claw necklace she owns. Once she gets the umbrella, she is very happy.

What is the theme of the blue umbrella Pixar short?

In short, the presence of humanity in this short’s world is too unnerving, even if we don’t see any single person. The opening shots of The Blue Umbrella depict the rain-streaked city, from its slick roads to its darkened alleys and sidewalks, and the people quickly driving or striding through it.

Where did Binya get the umbrella from and in exchange of what Why did she do so?

Who was Bijju?

Answer. Answer: Bijju is the author’s friend.

What did Binya seldom close?

the blue umbrella