What is the moral of the story The Ransom of Red Chief?

What is the moral of the story The Ransom of Red Chief?

The moral of the story is that one should never underestimate the power of one’s opponent.

What are some of the things that Red Chief does to annoy Bill?

Answer. When Sam returns, Red Chief is threatening Bill with a huge rock. Although Sam takes the rock away, Red Chief later takes out a sling shot and slings a rock at Bill, hitting him behind the ear. It knocks Bill a little senseless, and he staggers into a pan of hot water and gets scalded.

What do we learn about Johnny Dorset?

Johnny Dorset is the ten-year-old boy whom Sam and Bill kidnap for ransom money. He is the son of Ebenezer Dorset, a prominent townsperson who, it is implied, has been a cold and negligent father to Johnny. Reunited, Johnny clings not to his father, but to Bill’s legs, unhappy that his abduction is at an end.

How did the Red Chief treat bill?

Red Chief was sitting on Bill’s chest, with one hand twined in Bill’s hair. In the other he had the sharp case-knife we used for slicing bacon; and he was industriously and realistically trying to take Bill’s scalp. The situation affected Bill’s resolve to get the ransom.

How did the boy’s father respond to the letter sent by the kidnappers?

Mr. Dorset responds to the letter calmly and with an almost disinterested tone; he isn’t the least bit worried and doesn’t betray any fear. Bill and Sam both decide having Johnny for an extra night is a trial they don’t intend to endure.

What plan does Bill and narrator come up with?

“Bill and me had a joint capital of about six hundred to pull off a fraudulent town-lot scheme in Western Illinois with.” The two men come up with the idea to kidnap a kid in order to earn a ransom. They are hoping to get two thousand dollars in addition to the six hundred that they have.

What terms do Bill and Sam’s dictate in their ransom letter?

Hover for more information. The ransom letter is signed “Two Desperate Men.” The apparent intent is to suggest that these kidnappers are capable of doing anything if the boy’s father does not meet their demands. The word “desperate” is intended to suggest that they know themselves to be outside the law.

Why do Sam and Bill need money?

Why do Sam and Bill need two thousand dollars? They need the money for a land swindle. affected Bill and Sam’s plan to get money.

What is ironic about calling the town Summit?

The town name, Summit ironic because highest point or top, which suggests the tow is hilly or mountainous. However, the town is “flat as a flannel-cake”. In the Ransom of Red chief, what is ironic about calling the town Summit? The boy is dangerous, and internally tries to hurt his kidnappers.

Why do they choose the town of Summit?

Henry, two men, Bill and Sam, decide to kidnap a little boy in the town of Summit. They choose Summit for several reasons. Bill and Sam kidnapped the young boy from Ebenezer Dorset because they believed that the man would pay the big ransom demand to get his son back.

How do dialect and figurative language contribute to the meaning and tone of the text?

How do dialect and figurative language contribute to the meaning and tone of the text? Dialect, a regional speech pattern, and figurative language give the reader a “country” feeling about the story, the impression that people are rather laid back and easy going.

How does figurative language impact the tone?

The emotional tone of a passage is the mood it embodies and evokes. Writers use figurative language to communicate certain elements of a story such as emotion and theme. For example, if an author chooses to use hyperbole, or exaggerated language, this will often have a comic effect.

How does the author’s figurative language contribute to the mood and setting?

Figurative Language Creates Mood While novelists are able to expound for pages to create the mood, a short story writer’s parameters are significantly condensed. Figurative language is used to draw the reader into the story quickly.

What role does the author’s use of figurative language play in developing the theme?

Figurative language brings the reader deeper into the theme of the work, without the author having to explicitly lay out the theme for the reader. It is a way for the reader to enter the words with their minds and emotions, rather than simply comprehending a story or poem.