What is the most accurate and precise replacement for the underlined word?

What is the most accurate and precise replacement for the underlined word?


Which is the strongest thesis for an essay on public transportation?

Answer: Taking public transportation can benefit a person financially, create new social connections, and reduce stress. This is the sentence that works the best as a thesis statement for an essay on public transportation.

How is the poster effective in achieving its purpose?

The poster is effective because it makes women feel that they will have power and influence over the outcome of the war. One poster displays many types of wartime jobs to show that every citizen should work in some way to help their country.

What are the 10 tips for perfect poster design?

10 tips to create the perfect poster

  • Make it Easy to Read from a Distance.
  • Amp Up the Contrast.
  • Consider Size and Location.
  • Make a Mini Version.
  • Use One Big Visual.
  • Use Plenty of Space.
  • Include a Call to Action.
  • Create Focus with Typography.

What is the important part of making a poster?

At its core, a poster is made up of four key features: a title, graphic(s), text, and white space. Layout, flow, and color affect the order and style of these four key features.

What is the goal of a poster?

The main function of a poster is to capture a moving audience with a message. When designing a poster, plan its design carefully. You will have a short amount of time to attract and hold your readers attention. Think about the one aspect of the information that must convey the message and plan your design around that.

How do you judge a poster contest?


  1. POSTER COMPETITION JUDGING CRITERIA/GUIDELINES. The message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation.
  2. Initial Sketch. Plan your poster early.
  3. Rough Layout. Enlarge your best initial sketch, keeping the dimensions in proportion to the final poster.
  4. Final Layout.
  5. Balance.
  6. Topography.
  7. Eye Movement.
  8. Simplicity.

How do I make a digital poster?

Create a poster easily with Venngage

  1. Join Venngage – it’s completely free to use!
  2. Pick a poster template – we have 100s to choose from.
  3. Change the text, icons, photos, and color scheme using our free Poster Maker.
  4. Add extra text boxes or new icons to create the perfect poster.
  5. Share your poster with the world!

Which guideline is best to follow when constructing a poster?

10 guidelines for an awesome poster

  • Layout and format must be organized and concise.
  • Use brief and simple language, better to avoid text altogether.
  • Present your (one!) message in a clear and logical way.
  • Have a unique feature to attract the audience.
  • Choose a catchy but conceptual title.
  • Start preparing early.

How do you assess a poster?

Assessment criteria for posters

  1. Overall impression: Does my poster have a good structure?
  2. Blanks: Is my poster full of text passages and graphs, or is it well balanced?
  3. Relation between text and graphs: Do they complement one another as regards content and visualization?
  4. Text size: Is the text clearly legible or only partially?

What type of assessment is a poster?

What is a Poster? Poster is the process of showing the content and the findings of a topic to an audience or a group of audiences at different times. It is often used to assess student learning in group research projects. Peer and tutor assessment can be used as part of the grading process.

How do you critique a poster?

Some dos:

  1. Do specifically identify the major elements of the poster and how they helped or did not help your understanding.
  2. Do explain exactly what you liked and why.
  3. Do make ask questions about things you don’t understand.
  4. Do give the product creators helpful feedback that will make the product better.

How do you create an effective poster?

What makes a good poster?

  1. Important information should be readable from about 10 feet away.
  2. Title is short and draws interest.
  3. Word count of about 300 to 800 words.
  4. Text is clear and to the point.
  5. Use of bullets, numbering, and headlines make it easy to read.
  6. Effective use of graphics, color and fonts.

How do you write an appealing poster?

How to make an event poster

  1. Start with an interesting background image or color.
  2. Use a large and bold font for your event title.
  3. Add some embellishments to the title to make it pop.
  4. Add the date, location and time of the event.
  5. Include a simple call to action.
  6. Describe your event or why people should attend.

How does a good poster look like?

A good poster presents reduced information while getting to the point of what the audience should remember. It is appealing to the eye while inviting to read. What is most important can be spotted right away. It invites to ask questions while sparking a debate.

What type of communication is a poster?

PIP: The poster as a medium of communication serves to transmit a message by means of a graphical synthesis. It elicits attention by its originality, contrast, and focus on the center of interest. The poster is effective if the images and slogans can be identified easily. Its visual attractiveness is also essential.

What are the most popular types of poster?

10 Types of Posters to Promote Your Business

  • Infomercial Posters. An infomercial poster is the most common type of poster.
  • Formative Posters. Certain businesses such as medical business or doctoral practices have a very specific type of target audience.
  • Show Posters.
  • Political Ad Posters.
  • Fashion Posters.
  • Corporate Posters.
  • Campaign Posters.
  • Subject Posters.

What is the original name of poster?

Poster style, or “Plakatstil,” was born in 1905 by Berlin artist, Lucien Bernhard and by Munich artist, Ludwig Hohlwein. During World War I, the poster was used as war propaganda to raise money, for recruitment purposes, and to advertise war atrocities.

What are the qualities of a good poster?

Key aspects are:

  • Content and information to be transmitted.
  • Font/text/text positioning.
  • Relation between picture material/text.
  • Color selection.
  • Format/layout.
  • Originality/design idea.
  • Artistic overall impression.

What is considered a poster?

A poster is a temporary promotion of an idea, product, or event put up in a public space for mass consumption. Typically, posters include both textual and graphic elements, although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly text. Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and informative.

What is the regular poster size?

Standard Poster Size The most commonly used sizes for posters are 18” x 24”, 24” x 36” and 27” x 40”. These are the most requested sizes for common posters that print on our wide format inkjet printers.

What is considered poster size?

There are four main poster sizes, which are very common and frequently offered for poster printing. In many cases you will see 11” x 17” for small posters, 18” x 24” for medium sizes and 24” x 36” or 27” x 39” for large posters.

What is standard poster board size?

22 inches by 28 inches

How big is a 12×18 poster?

12 x 18 Custom Poster Print The 12″ x 18″ size is a common size for prints and posters, especially in art and design. This industry standard size is also referred to as ‘Tabloid-Extra’. 12″ x 18″ is the perfect size for larger medium art and design reproductions, informational flyers, show posters and more.

What size is a large poster board?

24 x 36 Inches

What size is 20×30 poster?

20″ x 30″ is another standard movie poster size – if you need a cost effective way to advertise your upcoming film, this will get it done. 20″ x 30″ is the perfect size for movie and film posters, artwork, photography, signage and more!

What size is 20×30?

Paper sizes

Size Imperial Metric
A3 11.3/4 x 16.1/2 inch 297 x 420 mm
A4 8.1/4 x 11.3/4 inch 210 x 297 mm
A5 5.7/8 x 8.1/4 inch 148 x 210 mm
20 x 30 inch 508 x 762 mm

What is the size of 20×30?

508 x 762 mm