What is the most explosive chemical reaction?

What is the most explosive chemical reaction?

The Chemical Most Chemists Won’t Touch Azidoazide azide is the most explosive chemical compound ever created. It is part of a class of chemicals known as high-nitrogen energetic materials, and it gets its “bang” from the 14 nitrogen atoms that compose it in a loosely bound state.

Is Gelignite still used?

Due to its widespread civilian use in quarries and mining, it has historically been used by irregular or paramilitary groups such as the Irish Republican Army and the Ulster Volunteer Force who often used gelignite as a booster.

Is RDX a high explosive?

RDX is a nitramine explosive compound (Turley and Brewster 1987) that can be utilized as a propellant, gunpowder, or high explosive depending on the initiation type (Boileau et al. 2009). RDX has both military and civilian applications.

Can eating C4 get you high?

C-4 is a plastic explosive substance similar in structure to Semtex that is used by both military and terrorist organizations. It has a reputation for producing a buzz as well as a bang.

What explosive smells like marzipan?

Commercial explosive is a dense putty-like material that may be in blocks, lumps or sticks, and often has a distinct almond or marzipan smell.

What is C3 and C4 explosive?

Composition C The British used a plastic explosive during World War II as a demolition charge. Composition C2 was replaced by Composition C3, which was a mixture of 77% RDX and 23% explosive plasticizer. C3 was effective but proved to be too brittle in cold weather and was replaced with C4.

Is C4 more powerful than dynamite?

C4 is more powerful than TNT and is quite stable. Supposedly, a bullet can be shot into a stick of C4 without causing it to detonate. To explode a stick of C4 requires a detonator.

What is the most powerful plastic explosive?

EPX-1 has the highest detonation velocity of all the studied plastic explosives. The calculated detonation pressure and heat of detonation of EPX-1 are in the same level of Semtex 10 and higher than the rest of the studied plastic explosives.

Why is the plastic explosive Semtex called hot?

Name controversy The drink is named after Semtex – a popular plastic explosive also invented and produced in the Czech Republic by Explosia a.s., a subsidiary of Synthesia. According to Pinelli’s director Květoslav Srovnal, the name inspired “a feeling of activity and motion”.

What is the most dangerous explosion in the universe?

gamma-ray bursts

What is the most violent event in the universe?

Thousands of times more energetic than ordinary exploding stars, their visible light as bright as a million galaxies, gamma-ray bursts are the most violent events in the universe, and radiation from one of these events reaches the vicinity of Earth at a rate of about one a day.