What is the most hardest thing to draw?

What is the most hardest thing to draw?

List Of The Top 10 Hardest Things To Draw

  • Hands.
  • Faces.
  • Hair.
  • The Other Eye.
  • Horses.
  • Vehicles.
  • Skulls.
  • Alligators.

Which type of brush is best to use for creating realistic hair in Illustrator?

However, by creating a scatter brush, you can create a near-realistic hairline effect.

Is stubble a beard?

Stubble is the prickly hair that grows back after being shaved. On a man’s face, stubble isn’t quite a beard yet: the hair is short. Stubble feels rough, and it can be itchy. Although some men like the stubble look, most men usually go one way or the other: grow out a beard or shave the stubble off.

How do you dye short stubble?

Brush the dye lightly onto your stubble using the provided applicator brush. Dip just the tips of the bristles into the mixed dye. Brush it all over your stubble using light downward strokes, dipping the brush back into the dye as needed, until you cover all your stubble.

How do you draw hair in Adobe Illustrator?

With the reference image visible underneath, use the Paintbrush Tool (B) and a tapered brush at both ends to draw the strands of hair where you can see shine in the hair. Don’t worry too much about getting all of the hair, this is just a guide to the direction of the hair and placement of any areas which stand out.

What’s the best way to draw your hair?

Add loose hair strands at some of the edges and around the hairline. For realistic detail, draw small, shallow U shapes inside each lock. The upward curves at the edges will give the appearance of depth.

What’s the best way to draw dreadlocks?

Once you have your outline and flow, fill in the strands and add color. The process for drawing dreadlocks is similar to that for other types of hair. Draw the outline first, and then just draw the general shape of the locks, which are like thin rectangles.

How do you make a shape in illustrator?

Select these strokes and go to Object > Expand to convert the strokes into filled paths. Then select all of those expanded strokes and use Pathfinder > Unite to create one shape. Use the Pen Tool (P) to create a shape which fills in the space between the expanded strokes and the rest of the hair.