What is the most widely spoken language family in the world today?

What is the most widely spoken language family in the world today?

Based on speaker count, Indo-European and Sino-Tibetan are the largest two language families, with over 4.6 billion speakers between them. The two most spoken languages are in these families – English is classified as Indo-European, and Mandarin Chinese is classified as Sino-Tibetan.

What is the most widely used Indo European language today?

Today’s native distribution of Indo European language family encompasses 64 countries. The language family has several branches and sub-branches. The most widely spoken are English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Hindustani, Punjabi, Bengali and Persian.

Which language family has the most languages?

Language families by languages

Language family # of languages % of all languages
1. Niger-Congo 1495 21.36%
2. Austronesian 1246 18.03%
3. Trans-New Guinea 561 8.12%
4. Indo-European 430 6.22%

What is the most spoken language in the world today?


When did humans learn to walk?

6 to 3 million years ago

Why is walking upright advantage for humans?

“Walking upright freed the hands for carrying and manipulating tools,” says Chris Stringer, a leading anthropologist at the Natural History Museum in London. “It allows longer-distance walking and, eventually, endurance running. Ultimately, it may have been a key step that led our ancestors’ brains to grow.”

Why do humans walk on two feet?

According to the Savanna-based theory, hominines came down from the tree’s branches and adapted to life on the savanna by walking erect on two feet. The theory suggests that early hominids were forced to adapt to bipedal locomotion on the open savanna after they left the trees.

What is it called when you walk on all fours?

Quadrupedalism is a form of terrestrial locomotion where a tetrapod animal uses all four limbs (legs) to bear weight, walk, and run. An animal or machine that usually maintains a four-legged posture and moves using all four limbs is said to be a quadruped (from Latin quattuor for “four”, and pes, pedis for “foot”).