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What is the noun for arrogant?

What is the noun for arrogant?

/ˈærəɡəns/ /ˈærəɡəns/ [uncountable] ​the behaviour of a person when they feel that they are more important than other people, so that they are rude to them or do not consider them. He has a reputation for rudeness and intellectual arrogance.

Is arrogance a noun?

noun. offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

Is arrogance a noun or adjective?

noun. Save Word. ar·​ro·​gance | \ ˈer-ə-gən(t)s , ˈa-rə- \

Is Arrogancy a word?

The definition of arrogancy is the state of acting superior or self-important in an offensive manner.

How do you know if you are cocky?

Arrogant people could care less about others. They’re only interested in themselves, and it shows through nonverbal communication. The arrogant person will constantly be looking past you for someone else to talk to — someone they think will benefit them more than you.

What is the verb form of arrogant?

arrogate. (transitive) To appropriate or lay claim to something for oneself without right.

What are the synonyms for arrogance?

other words for arrogance

  • aloofness.
  • chutzpah.
  • disdain.
  • ego.
  • egotism.
  • hubris.
  • pretension.
  • pride.

What do you call an arrogant woman?

assuming, blustering, conceited, contemptuous, disdainful, haughty, high and mighty (informal) high-handed, imperious, insolent, looking down one’s nose at, lordly, overbearing, overweening, pompous, presumptuous, pretentious, proud, scornful, supercilious, swaggering, too big for one’s boots or breeches, turning up …

What is arrogance a sign of?

Here are seven subtle signs that you might be coming off as arrogant rather than confident, according to experts.

  • You Ignore Other People’s Opinions.
  • You Don’t Give Credit To Others.
  • You Talk Over Others.
  • Your Relationships Feel Superficial.
  • You Can’t Accept Feedback.
  • You Worry What People Think About You.

How do you describe an arrogant person?

The definition of arrogant is someone who is full of self-worth or self-importance and who tells and shows that they have a feeling of superiority over others. Full of or due to unwarranted pride and self-importance; overbearing; haughty.

How do you say cocky in a nice way?

  1. courteous,
  2. genteel,
  3. mannerly,
  4. polite,
  5. proper.

What is opposite word of arrogant?

Antonyms for arrogant modest, timid, humble, shy, unsure, servile, meek.

What are synonyms for pompous?


  • arrogant,
  • assumptive,
  • bumptious,
  • cavalier,
  • chesty,
  • haughty,
  • high-and-mighty,
  • high-handed,

What do you call a boastful person?

conceited, cocky, pompous, cocksure, vainglorious, egotistic.

What does smug mean in slang?

A smug person is self-satisfied. You can usually recognize someone who is pleased with himself by his smug little smile and self-righteous remarks.

What does smug mean in reading?

1 : highly self-satisfied. 2 : trim or smart in dress : spruce. 3 : scrupulously clean, neat, or correct : tidy.

How do you use the word smug?

Smug sentence example

  1. “I booked a room for tonight,” Fred answered, a smug look on his face.
  2. Fred leaned back, as smug as a raffle winner.
  3. He folded his hands over his chest and gave her a smug smile.
  4. By the smug look on her face, we surmised the letter had to include the answers that were needed.

Is Smug an emotion?

Exhibiting or feeling great or offensive satisfaction with oneself or with one’s situation; self-righteously complacent: a smug look; a smug critic.