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What is the noun of Agendum?

What is the noun of Agendum?

Agenda, “things to be done,” is the plural of the Latin gerund agendum and is used today in the sense “a plan or list of matters to be acted upon.” In that sense it is treated as a singular noun; its plural is usually agendas: The agenda is ready for distribution.

Is Agendum a word?

Agendum is a word now so common in the plural that its plural form agenda is now generally taken to be a collective singular form, with the special meaning of a list of tasks which are to be done.

How do you use the word Agendum?

Use “agendum” in a sentence | “agendum” sentence examples

  1. He accused foreign nations of having a hidden agenda to harm French influence.
  2. A clear agenda will win votes in the next election.
  3. There were several important items on the agenda.
  4. The agenda for the meeting has been preset.

Is Agendum plural or singular?

Agenda was originally the plural form of agendum, a Latin word meaning “something that needs to be done.” Hence, the plural agenda represented a list of items that needed to be dealt with. However, agenda is now considered a singular noun in English and takes a singular verb.

What is the plural of series?

Series can be singular or plural without the word itself changing. Series is a count noun, describing a group of things or events usually occurring in succession, such as a television series. You can have multiple series, but the word is unchanged as series is a zero plural.

What is the plural of beer?

The plural of beer is beers.

Is wine plural or singular?

The noun wine can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be wine. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be wines e.g. in reference to various types of wines or a collection of wines.

Is beer a Noncount noun?

Beer is both countable and uncountable; the plural refers to servings of beer.

Is it correct to say beers?

1 Answer. The plural form of the noun “beer” in the context you have provided is “beers.”

What is the plural form of beef?

noun. \ ˈbēf \ plural beefs\ ˈbēfs \ or beeves\ ˈbēvz \

What is water plural?

The noun ‘water’ is part of a category of nouns known as ‘uncountable’, which means that they do not have plural forms. The plural form will also be water. Anyway, in more particular contexts, the plural form can also be waters. e.g. in reference to various types of waters or a collection of waters.

What is the plural of ask?


What is the plural of dispatch?

The plural form of dispatch; more than one (kind of) dispatch.

What is the plural of cockroach?

cockroach /ˈkɑːkˌroʊtʃ/ noun. plural cockroaches.

What is the plural of chance?

chance (countable and uncountable, plural chances)