What is the plural form of Delicieux?

What is the plural form of Délicieux?

délicieux (feminine singular délicieuse, masculine plural délicieux, feminine plural délicieuses) delicious. delightful.

How do you make French adjectives plural?

To change an adjective into its plural form, the basic rule is to add an -s. But if it already ends in -s or -x, no additional suffix is needed. For adjectives that end in -eau or -al, the plural form is -eaux or -aux.

What is plural of Français in French?

Nouns that end in –s, –x, or –z when they’re singular don’t change in the plural; you simply change the accompanying article. For example: un Français (a Frenchman) remains des Français (Frenchmen), and un virus (a virus) remains des virus (viruses). Family names aren’t pluralized in French.

What is the feminine form of Paresseux in French?

paresseux – the first spelling is always the masculine one. paresseuse – the second spelling is always the feminine one.

What is the plural of Sportif in French?

Noun. sportif m (plural sportifs, feminine sportive)

What is the masculine plural of Paresseux?

Popular English Verbs

singulier pluriel
masculin paresseux paresseux
féminin paresseuse paresseuses

What is Travailleur?

travail \truh-VAIL\ noun. 1 a : work especially of a painful or laborious nature : toil. b : a physical or mental exertion or piece of work : task, effort.

Is Travailleur male or female?

Noun. travailleur m (plural travailleurs, feminine travailleuse), worker, one who works.

What does Trevailing mean?

1. Work, especially when arduous or involving painful effort; toil. See Synonyms at work. 2. Tribulation or agony; anguish.

What does the word prevail mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to gain ascendancy through strength or superiority : triumph. 2 : to be or become effective or effectual. 3 : to use persuasion successfully prevailed on him to sing.

What does tarry mean in the Bible?

b : to linger in expectation : wait. 2 : to abide or stay in or at a place. tarry. plural tarries.

What is tarry looking mean?

Tarry stools are bowel movements that have an unusually dark appearance, usually due to blood in the stools, that causes them to look black and resemble tar. Bleeding that takes place in the esophagus, stomach or the upper part of the small intestine can cause the stool to appear black or tarry.

What does tarry mean in Romeo and Juliet?

tarry (v.) Old form(s): tarrie. stay, remain, linger.

Why does the Lord tarry?

To tarry is to linger, to stay longer than expected, to not have an agenda, or to encounter God’s presence for an extended period of time. When we tarry, we stay in the moment, fully engaged and attuned to the presence of God. Tarrying creates a space by which God’s presence slowly grows and manifests as we linger.

Where does the word tarry come from?

tarry (v.) Some suggest a connection to Latin tardare “to delay,” or Old English tergan, tirgan “to vex, irritate, exasperate, provoke,” which yielded a Middle English verb identical in form to this one. Intransitive meaning “to linger” is attested from late 14c. Related: Tarried; tarrying; tarrysome. tarry (adj.)

What is the synonym of tarry?

tarry. Synonyms: rest, abide, halt, await, flag, lag, continue, remain, sojourn, delay, stop, stay, loiter, linger.

How do you use tarry in a sentence?

  1. Tarry awhile at this charming country inn.
  2. He’ll tarry in the town for a few days.
  3. The tourists will tarry at an inn.
  4. tarry stones from the garage roof.
  5. Why does the clatter of his war-wagons tarry so?
  6. I smelled tarry melted asphalt.