What is the plural form of radius?

What is the plural form of radius?

noun. Save Word. ra·​di·​us | \ ˈrā-dē-əs \ plural radii\ ˈrā-​dē-​ˌī \ also radiuses.

What is the plural form of Radius medical terminology?

Only $2.99/month. What is the plural form of radius? radii.

What is the plural form of nucleus?

Nucleus (plural nuclei) is a Latin word for the seed inside a fruit. It most often refers to: Atomic nucleus, the very dense central region of an atom. Cell nucleus, a central organelle of a eukaryotic cell, containing most of the cell’s DNA.

What is the irregular plural noun for radius?

Nouns Ending in -us

Singular (-us) Plural (-i)
radius radii (also radiuses)
fungus fungi
nucleus nuclei
cactus cacti

What is the irregular plural of bacterium?

Countable Nouns – Irregular Plurals

bacterium bacteria
basis bases
child children
crisis crises

What is the irregular plural of wolf?

100 Irregular Plural Nouns List

addendum addenda or addendums
wharf wharves or wharfs
wife wives
wolf wolves
woman women

What is the plural of perch?

noun (2) plural perch or perches. Definition of perch (Entry 3 of 3) 1a : a small European freshwater bony fish (Perca fluviatilis of the family Percidae, the perch family)

What is a bird’s perch called?

birds perch
Birds perch
Where birds perch or we perch (9,4)

What does Gale mean?

strong wind

What word defines perch?

noun. a pole or rod, usually horizontal, serving as a roost for birds. any place or object, as a sill, fence, branch, or twig, for a bird, animal, or person to alight or rest upon.

Do perch have teeth?

Yellow perch have small teeth, and have no canine teeth. While yellow perch are found in many habitats, they prefer shallow, weedy, protected sections of rivers, lakes, and ponds.

What animals eat perch?

Common fish eating birds such as gulls, mergansers, loons, kingfishers, eagles and herons consume perch of various sizes. Since the meat from this fish is similar to that of the ever-popular walleye, it is commonly a treat for many anglers, especially those who ice-fish.

What is a antonym for perch?

Antonyms of PERCH wing, float, plane, rise, move, soar, lower, blast off, ascend, hang, hover, climb, fly, take off, glide.

What’s another word for enthusiastic?

SYNONYMS FOR enthusiastic eager, fervent, zealous, passionate, vehement, fervid, impassioned.

What does purch mean?


Acronym Definition
Purch Purchase/Purchasing

What is the opposite of seclusion?

Antonyms: association, companionship, company, converse, fellowship, society. Synonyms: loneliness, privacy, retirement, solitude.

Can a person be secluded?

Seclusion is the act of secluding (i.e. isolating from society), the state of being secluded, or a place that facilitates it (a secluded place). A person, couple, or larger group may go to a secluded place for privacy or peace and quiet. The seclusion of an individual is called solitude.

What is the opposite of solitude?

solitude. Antonyms: publicity, populousness, society, frequentedness, intercourse, resort, meeting, reunion, throng, crowd. Synonyms: loneliness, remoteness, seclusion, retirement, isolation, wildness, desertion, barrenness, wilderness, privacy.

What is the antonym for secluded?

What is the opposite of secluded?

exposed uncovered
unprotected visible
open public
unsheltered unconcealed
unhidden unshielded

What are the synonyms for secluded?

other words for secluded

  • cloistered.
  • deserted.
  • hidden.
  • lonely.
  • quiet.
  • remote.
  • uninhabited.
  • closet.

What does the word secluded?

1 : screened or hidden from view : sequestered a secluded valley. 2 : living in seclusion : solitary secluded monks.

What is the correct meaning of the word brooch?

: an ornament that is held by a pin or clasp and is worn at or near the neck.

What does Narc mean?

narcotics agent

Is NARC a snitch?

As nouns the difference between narc and snitch is that narc is (slang) a narcotics squad police officer or narc can be (slang) (spy) while snitch is a thief.