What is the relationship between Neil and June?

What is the relationship between Neil and June?

The relationship between Neil and June is an uneasy one, in spite of the fact that they clearly love one another. This is largely because of June, who is a very well-defended and mistrusting character. June was jilted at the altar several years before by a man named Melvin Edwards.

Why does August cover the honeybees in black veil?

The Greeks covered the beehives in cloth because they believed the bees themselves represented the soul of the deceased humans and the fact that their souls will be resurrected in the afterlife: “When a bee flies, a soul will rise.” August explains to Lily that placing the black cloth over the hives serves as a …

What does Zach want to be when he grows up?

because one of his friends threw a bottle at a white man and he didn’t rat him out. What does Zach want to be when he grows up? He wants to be a lawyer.

What is the metaphor Lily uses at the end of page 133?

Lily imagines May’s heart burning so brightly that it shows red through her ribs and skin.

How does may die?

May drowns herself by weighing herself down with a stone. Since the terrible death of her twin, she has had a difficult time dealing with the sorrows of the world. She had strategies to deal with her tendency to take on the world’s sadness, for example, singing, and placing “messages” at her Wailing Wall.

Can organs shutting down be reversed?

At present, there is no drug or device that can reverse organ failure that has been judged by the health care team to be medically and/or surgically irreversible (organ function can recover, at least to a degree, in patients whose organs are very dysfunctional, where the patient has not died; and some organs, like the …

Why does a dying person linger?

When a person’s body is ready and wanting to stop, but the person is still unresolved or unreconciled over some important issue or with some significant relationship, he or she may tend to linger in order to finish whatever needs finishing even though he or she may be uncomfortable or debilitated.

Is it painful when your body shuts down?

In most cases, when a patient is receiving the care and support of hospice, they will not experience pain during the dying process. Instead, their body will naturally begin to shut down.