What is the setting of okay for now?

What is the setting of okay for now?

Long Island, New York

How does okay for now end?

In the end, Doug succeeds and gets a compliment from his favorite baseball player, Joe Pepitone, retrieves the last two pictures. He also finds out that Lil is very sick and has lost all her hair.

What is the main conflict in okay for now?

In Gary Schmidt’s novel Okay for Now, the greatest major conflict is that between the protagonist Doug Swieteck and his abusive father, which we can describe as character vs. character. Doug suffers from many conflicts in the novel, but all other conflicts stem from this poor relationship with his father.

What year does okay for now take place?


What do the birds represent in okay for now?

In the opening chapter of Gary Schmidt’s Okay for Now, what stands out for Doug in the Audubon plate titled the Arctic Tern is the “round and terrified eye.” Because of the terror in the bird’s eye, we can see that the bird, at first, symbolizes Doug as he faces his fears due to the hardships he endures in his home …

How old is Doug in okay for now?


How many pages are in okay for now?


Who is the main character in okay for now?

Doug Swieteck

Who is Mrs Windermere in okay for now?

Schmidt, Mrs. Windemere is a celebrated playwright whom fourteen-year-old Doug Swieteck delivers groceries to on Saturdays.

What did Doug do in PE class while the rest of the students participated in the wrestling unit?

Doug essentially shuts down in the aftermath of his humiliation. He stops trying in school and gets in constant fights. In PE class, he decides to run the cross-country course while the rest of the class does the Wrestling Unit, and Coach Reed sees him but does not stop him.

Who are the main characters in okay for now?


  • Doug Swieteck. Doug, a boy in junior high, is the main character of Okay for Now.
  • Lucas Swieteck. Lucas is Doug’s oldest brother.
  • Mr. Swieteck.
  • Christopher Swieteck. Christopher is the middle Swieteck brother.
  • Ernie Eco. Ernie is a friend of Doug’s father who helps…

Who is Christopher in okay for now?

She is sometimes girlish or childish. She is important in the story because he helps Doug become who he is at the end. Christopher Swieteck (AKA Chris) is the older brother of Doug Swieteck and younger brother of Lucas Swieteck.